The Settlement Class Sample Clauses

The Settlement Class. The Settlement Class is defined as follows: All persons to whom Xxx Xxxxx Management Company sent a “Notice of Security” letter dated on or about January 14, 2022 regarding the Data Security Incident. Specifically excluded from the Settlement Class are: (i) Xxxxx’x officers and directors; (ii) any entity in which Xxxxx has a controlling interest; and (iii) the affiliates, legal representatives, attorneys, successors, heirs, and assigns of Xxxxx (not including employees). Also excluded from the Settlement Class are members of the judiciary to whom this case is assigned, their families and members of their staff. The Settlement Class is estimated to include 114,153 individuals.
The Settlement Class. If you are a youth with a disability who is currently detained at the Xxxx X. Xxxxx Juvenile Hall in Martinez, CA, or who will be detained at the Xxxx X. Xxxxx Juvenile Hall, you may be a member of the proposed settlement class affected by this lawsuit and the proposed Settlement Agreements. Please read this notice carefully because your rights may be affected. SUMMARY OF THE PROPOSED SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS CCCOE Agreement
The Settlement Class. 4. Based on the record before the Court, including all submissions in support of the Settlement Agreement, objections and responses thereto and all prior proceedings in the Action, as well as the Settlement Agreement itself and its related documents and exhibits, the Court hereby certifies the following nationwide Class (the “Class”) for settlement purposes only: All persons, entities or organizations who, at any time as of or before [date of Preliminary Approval Order], purchased, own(ed), received as a gift or received as a customer service exchange the Mobile Devices manufactured, marketed, sold and/or distributed by Sony Mobile Communications (USA), Inc. in any of the fifty States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Excluded from the Class are: (a) any persons or entities that purchased or acquired the Mobile Devices for commercial use or resale; (b) any claims aggregators; (c) any person who claims to be an assignee of rights associated with the Mobile Products; (d) Sony Mobile Communications (USA) Inc., their officers, directors and employees; their affiliates and affiliates’ officers, directors and employees; their distributors and distributors’ officers, directors and employees; (e) Plaintiffs’ Class Counsel; (f) judicial officers and their immediate family members and associated court staff assigned to this case; and (g) persons or entities who or which timely and properly exclude themselves from the Class.
The Settlement Class. A. The Parties agree, for purposes of this Agreement only, to the following Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(b)(1), non-opt-out class: All individuals: (1) who submitted Late-Filing Requests under Section 5(g) of the Xxxxxxx x. Xxxxxxxx Consent Decree on or after October 13, 1999, and on or before June 18, 2008; but (2) who have not obtained a determination on the merits of their discrimination complaints, as defined by Section 1(h) of the Consent Decree. Where used in this Agreement, the “Class” refers, individually and collectively, to the Class Representatives, the Class, and each Member of the Class as well as their heirs, administrators, personal representatives, successors, and/or assigns.
The Settlement Class. A. The Parties agree, for purposes of this Settlement Agreement only, to a Federal Rule 23(b)(3), Fed.R.Civ.P., opt-out class, as defined supra.
The Settlement Class. 2.1 For the purposes of this Settlement only, the Parties stipulate and agree that: (a) the Class shall be certified in accordance with the definition contained in Section 2.2, below; (b) Plaintiffs shall represent the Class for settlement purposes and shall be appointed as the Class Representatives; and (c) Plaintiffs’ Counsel shall be appointed as Class Counsel.
The Settlement Class. Plaintiffs and the GEICO COMPANIES agree and stipulate that a Settlement Class should be certified as a Rule 23(b)(3) opt out class (with a Rule 23(b)(2) component as set forth below) for settlement purposes only, by order of the Court, subject to the exclusions set forth below, to be defined as follows: All persons and/or entities who: (i) are or were Florida healthcare providers (as described by Section 627.736(1)(a), Fla. Stat.), or their assignees; (ii) provided medical services to a person insured by the GEICO COMPANIES under an auto policy that included a deductible applicable to the PIP coverage provided under the policy; (iii) hold an assignment of benefits from said insured; (iv) submitted a claim to the GEICO COMPANIES for payment of such medical services; and (v) had their claim adjusted during the Class Period by applying the statutory reimbursement limitations of Section 627.736, Fla. Stat., to medical services determined to be within the PIP deductible. Excluded from the Settlement Class are: (1) the GEICO COMPANIES, any entities in which the GEICO COMPANIES have a controlling interest, and all of their legal representatives, heirs and successors; and (2) members of the judiciary for the United States District Courts of Florida. The following claims of Settlement Class Members shall be outside of the scope of the Settlement Agreement and the Released Claims, but shall not otherwise affect membership in the Settlement Class: (1) any claims resolved by separate settlement, dismissal with prejudice, or full payment in response to a demand letter;
The Settlement Class. For purposes of settlement, the Parties agree to certify the following Settlement Class: All persons and entities whose telephone numbers were called by third parties that marketed solar energy products and services on behalf or for the benefit of Defendants on or after July 1, 2014 until the date of Preliminary Approval where:
The Settlement Class. The Settlement Class is defined as follows: All persons to whom on or about May 19, 2021 Rehoboth XxXxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Health Care Services sent Notice of a Data Breach that was discovered on February 16, 2021, which involved an unauthorized person gaining access to certain systems containing PII/PHI. Specifically excluded from the Settlement Class are: (i) RMCHCS’s officers and directors;
The Settlement Class. For the purposes of this Stipulation and the Settlement of the 24 Action only, the Parties stipulate to conditional class certification of the Settlement Class.