Borrowing Limitations Sample Clauses

Borrowing Limitations. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth herein (but subject to Section 2.01(e)), it shall be a condition precedent to each Credit Event that after giving effect thereto (and the use of the proceeds thereof):

Borrowing Limitations. Immediately after giving effect to each Advance and each settlement on any Settlement Date hereunder, the aggregate principal balance of the Advances outstanding is less than or equal to the Borrowing Base, and the Aggregate Principal outstanding is less than or equal to the Aggregate Commitment.

Borrowing Limitations. The aggregate borrowings of the Trust, secured and unsecured, shall be reasonable in relation to the Net Assets of the Trust, and shall be reviewed by the Board at least quarterly. The maximum amount of such borrowings in relation to the Net Assets shall, in the absence of a satisfactory showing that a higher level of borrowing is appropriate, not exceed 300%. Any excess in borrowing over such 300% level shall be approved by a majority of the Independent Trustees and disclosed to Shareholders in the next quarterly report of the Trust, along with justification for such excess.

Borrowing Limitations. Borrower shall request no more than a single Borrowing per calendar month. Borrower shall give each Notice of Borrowing to Administrative Agent by 11:00 a.m. on a date that is at least 3 Business Days prior to the requested Borrowing date. Any Notice of Borrowing shall be irrevocable and binding on Borrower. Borrower shall not request a Borrowing unless the aggregate nameplate capacity of System Facilities to which the Borrowing relates equals or exceeds [***] kW.

Borrowing Limitations. After giving effect to each Loan and at the time of settlement on each Settlement Date (and after giving effect to each Loan made on such Settlement Date), the aggregate outstanding principal balance of the Loans is less than or equal to the Borrowing Base and is less than or equal to the Revolving Loan Commitment.

Borrowing Limitations. In no event shall the outstanding principal balance of Revolving Facility exceed the applicable Borrowing Base.

Borrowing Limitations