Distribution Rights definition

Distribution Rights. Section 2.1 "Effective Date" Preamble "Party" Preamble "PRC" Preamble "Term" Section 4.1
Distribution Rights means the right to sell or license or otherwise exploit, and to authorise the sale licensing or exploitation of any Content.
Distribution Rights. Section 2.1 “Effective DatePreamble

Examples of Distribution Rights in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no transfer of Incentive Distribution Rights to another Person shall be permitted unless the transferee agrees to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement.

  • In making its determination, such third independent investment banking firm or other independent expert may consider the value of the Units, including the then current trading price of Units on any National Securities Exchange on which Units are then listed or admitted to trading, the value of the Partnership’s assets, the rights and obligations of the Departing General Partner, the value of the Incentive Distribution Rights and the General Partner Interest and other factors it may deem relevant.

  • The General Partner or any other holder of Incentive Distribution Rights may transfer any or all of its Incentive Distribution Rights without Unitholder approval.

  • The General Partner or any other holder of Incentive Distribution Rights may transfer any or all of its Incentive Distribution Rights without the approval of any Limited Partner or any other Person.

  • If at the time of any IDR Reset Election the General Partner and its Affiliates are not the holders of a majority in interest of the Incentive Distribution Rights, then the IDR Reset Election shall be subject to the prior written concurrence of the General Partner that the conditions described in the immediately preceding sentence have been satisfied.

More Definitions of Distribution Rights

Distribution Rights means the right to provide the Licensed Services to End Users as further set out in this agreement.
Distribution Rights shall have the meaning assigned to it under Section 2.1 of this Agreement.
Distribution Rights means a right to receive a Pro Rata Percentage of CPR Distributions pursuant to the CPR Agreement.
Distribution Rights means the right to exploit and licence all rights, including copyright, in the Program, the Ancillary Content, the Format and the Underlying Works for the purpose of distribution in all media using any technology now known or invented in the future which, where such rights are granted to the ABC, shall be subject to a separate agreement between the ABC and the Producer dated on or about the same date as this agreement.
Distribution Rights means all allotments, accretions, offers, options, rights, bonuses, benefits and advantages, whether by way of conversion, redemption, preference, option or otherwise which at any time accrue to or are offered or arise in respect of any Investments or Shares, and includes all dividends, interest and other distributions paid or payable on or in respect of them.
Distribution Rights means the publishing and distribution rights to the Freedom Leaf, Inc. Magazine as well as the right to sell or offer to sell other “Freedom Leaf” branded products and services (the “Freedom Leaf Products and Services”), as licensed pursuant to Section 2.
Distribution Rights is defined in Section 6.03.