Airport Sample Clauses

Airport. 4.1. According to the rules of transport companies and agreements, Tourist must be at the airport no later than 2 hours prior to officially announced time of departure. Tourist is recommended to specify the time of takeoff no later than 48 hours prior to flight.
Airport. 14. The Joint Venturers shall confer with the Minister with a view to reaching agreement on any upgrading of existing airport facilities and services in the Xxxxxxxxx region that may be necessary for or result from the Joint Venturers’ operations hereunder. Mining lease Argyle mining area 6
Airport. “Airport” shall mean the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, a legal description of which is attached as Exhibit A.
Airport. LESSOR reserves the right (but shall not be obligated to LESSEE) to maintain and keep in repair the landing area of the Airport and all publicly owned facilities of the Airport. LESSOR reserves the right further to develop or improve the landing area and all publicly owned air navigation facilities of the Airport as it sees fit, without interference or hindrance. XXXXXX reserves the right to take any action it considers necessary to protect the aerial approaches of the Airport against obstruction.
Airport. The Leased Premises are a part of the municipal Airport owned and operated by Landlord and known as the Paso Xxxxxx Municipal Airport (the "Airport"). The Leased Premises shall include the nonexclusive right to use of the common areas of the Airport as set forth in Section 1.3 below.
Airport. (1) The Territory shall at no expense to the Company, with all reasonable expedition having regard to the proposed timetable for the XxXxxxxx River Project and subject to clause 19 Force Majeure, where necessary construct, upgrade and maintain the Borroloola Airport to a standard, following consultation by the Territory with the Company and any Contractors nominated in writing by the Company which will enable the Company, its Contractors and agents to use that Airport when flying the labour force for the XxXxxxxx River Project into and out of Borroloola.
Airport. Airport" means Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
Airport. An airport authorized by the competent authority as a port of arrival or departure; a certain area of land or water suitable for the arrival, departure and ground maneuvers of aircraft, open for public use on a permanent basis, on which there exist structures, aviation facilities and services such as to permit regular service for purposes of aviation activities, parking of aviation equipment and receiving or dispatching of passengers, freight and mail, in accordance with the provisions of the Aviation Code (Law No. 17285) and provisions amending or regulating the same.
Airport. MOVE UP (AMU) Definition: Assignment of a Flight Attendant to flight(s) other than their own due to insufficient call-out notice of a reserve Flight Attendant in accordance with Article 5.23.08. (a) In order to prevent the cancellation or delay beyond thirty (30) minutes of a regularly scheduled flight(s), a Flight Attendant may have their pairing changed in accordance with Article 5.20.02 such that the change does not interfere with the continuance of the remainder of their block and in accordance with Article 5.20.01(d) and 5.20.01(f). If the Flight Attendant's scheduled deadhead is changed to operating the flight, the assignment will be offered in order of seniority and the premium provisions of this Article will apply.
Airport. 14. In the event that any upgrading of the existing airport facilities and services at Paraburdoo are necessary for the Joint Venturers’ operations hereunder, the Joint Venturers shall confer with Hamersley and/or the Shire of West Pilbara as the case may require with a view to reaching agreement on that upgrading.