Invitation Sample Clauses

Invitation. The bidders desirous of taking up the project for supply of above Services for SBI are invited to response to this Tender. The criteria and the actual process of evaluation and subsequent selection of the successful bidder (L1) will be entirely at Bank’s discretion. We seek proposal from Bidders who have the necessary experience, capability & expertise to provide Maintenance and Housekeeping services adhering to Bank’s requirement outlined in this Tender. This Tender document is not an offer by State Bank of India, but an invitation to receive responses from the Bidders. No contractual obligation whatsoever shall arise from the Tender process unless and until a formal contract is signed and executed by duly authorized official(s) of State Bank of India with the successful Bidder.
Invitation. Separate sealed Tenders in printed forms are hereby invited by the Sub-Divisional Officer, Kangsabati Canal Sub- Division No VII, Amlagora, Paschim Medinipur on behalf of t he Governor of the State of West Bengal in West Bengal Form No.2911 for the works as per list attached herewith, from the eligible bonafide, reliable resourceful Contractors having sufficient experiences in execution of similar type of works.
Invitation. Sealed proposals for the following work will be received by the University of Kentucky, Construction Procurement Section, Peterson Service Building, 411 South Limestone, Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0005, in the manner and on the date hereinafter specified for the furnishing of all labor, materials, supplies, tools, appliances, equipment, services, etc., necessary for the construction of PROJECT: Breckinridge Hall Window Replacement, as set forth in the specifications and as shown on the drawings for as prepared by UK- Planning, Design and Construction Services and approved by the Construction Procurement Section and under the terms and conditions of this Invitation.
Invitation. This invitation is extended to Respondents that can provide the requirement(s) specified herein. The requirements presented in this Solicitation represent the City’s anticipated needs.
Invitation. 2.1 The MA/LOC must send out at least 6 months before the first competition day, the invitation letter with all relevant information such as: - hotel prices in different categories (including breakfast and dinner) - deadline for Preliminary Registration through WAREOS (World Archery Online Registration System) to be not later than 90 days before the first day of the competition, while the Final Registration through WAREOS must be not later than 20 days before the first days of the competition. - Entry fees for Grand Prix, including local transportation (hotel-venue). The Entry fees should be held within acceptable limits but not exceed Euro 150,00 per archer, Euro 75,00 per team (not for mixed team) Euro 50,00 per Official A separate information should be given for: - Transport between Airport and Hotel – return trip - Lunch or Lunch box at the venue - Closing Banquet resp farewell party at a reasonable price The invitation package to be viewed by the Technical Delegate and by the WAE Secretary General, before sending to the MA’s. The Secretary General provides the LOC a fac-simile of the Invitation Package to be used. Booking non official hotel Participants to all European competitions, both Youth and Senior, who book their accommodation in non- official hotels will need to pay an entry fee of 300,00 Euro. In addition, the LOC will be not responsible to provide any event information at non-official hotels and will not provide transportation to the venue for teams booking in non-official hotels.
Invitation. The Invitation is attached to this General Information.
Invitation. The City of Commerce City (“City”) is soliciting proposals from qualified auditors (“Respondents”) to perform services, as described in this Request for Proposals (“RFP”). The selected Respondent is expected to annual audit services with completion annually by June 30, as more fully detailed in the Scope of Services section of this RFP (“Services”)This RFP provides a general description of services anticipated, submittal requirements, outlines selection criteria and the selection process. A response to this RFP (“Proposal”) should serve as a complete approach to providing the services. Any proposed subcontractors/team members must be identified and their roles clearly defined in the Proposal.The City intends to execute a contract with an anticipated notice to proceed date of October 18, 2021, with the selected Respondent (“Consultant”) on a non-exclusive basis for one (1) year with up to four (4) annual renewals, subject to annual appropriation. Any selected Respondent will be expected to enter into a Professional Services Agreement (Attachment A) with the City consistent with the terms of this RFP.Submission requirements and deadlines are detailed in Section 6 of this RFP: Questions regarding RFP requirements must be received by Theresa Wilson, Deputy Finance Director in writing at by 5:00 PM MT on Monday, July 26, 2021. Proposals must be received by 12:00 p.m. MT on Friday, August 20, 2021.The City reserves the right to modify this RFP or the selection process, to cancel this RFP, to reject or accept any Proposal, and to waive any informalities or irregularities in any Proposal, without liability, at any time.
Invitation. 1.1 The Company together with the Process Bank have invited the Underwriters (other than the Process Bank) by telex, telefax or otherwise (the “Invitation”) to participate in the Offering as an Underwriter for a number of New Shares not exceeding the maximum number set forth in Schedule II to the Underwriting Agreement opposite such Underwriter’s name. The Company together with the Process Bank have advised the Underwriters (other than the Process Bank) by one or more additional telexes, telefaxes or otherwise of the basic terms of the Offering including the Subscription Price, the commissions and concessions, which terms shall be approved or deemed approved by the Underwriters in the manner set forth in the Invitation. Each of the Underwriters (other than the Process Bank) has authorized representatives of the Process Bank to act on its behalf in accordance with a power of attorney. Each Underwriters (other than the Process Bank) shall ratify and confirm all and any action taken lawfully and in good faith on its behalf by the Process Bank as provided for herein in the exercise of the powers granted herein and shall be bound by the terms of the Underwriting Agreement.