Schedule of Charges definition

Schedule of Charges means the schedule as seen in clause Schedule of Charges;
Schedule of Charges means the Schedule hereto.
Schedule of Charges means the Schedule of Charges annexed to as Schedule 1.

Examples of Schedule of Charges in a sentence

  • The Operator shall pay the appropriate charges for landing, taking-off and parking of an aircraft, as set out in the Schedule of Charges.

  • Failure to comply with the order within the period specified in it will render the Operator liable to a special charge, equivalent to eight times the standard parking charges set out in the Schedule of Charges, for every hour or part of an hour during which the aircraft remains in position after the period specified in the order has expired.

  • The charges on landing and departure as set out in the Schedule of Charges, will apply to all aircraft, by reference to the aircraft’s Maximum Total Weight Authorised and its noise certification as defined by ICAO Annex 16.

  • The relevant charges for departing passengers as set out in the Schedule of Charges are payable.

  • The Chief Executive Officer of the Airport Company has discretion to decide in the light of the particular circumstances at the airport to abate or waive the charges set out in the Schedule of Charges in relation to the parking of aircraft at certain times and periods or on certain parts of the airport.

More Definitions of Schedule of Charges

Schedule of Charges means the payment amounts by procedure or service type which are payable to a Practitioner for Services rendered by a Practitioner to a Participant pursuant to the Group Agreements. Schedules of charges are described in Group specific summaries available to HWHN contracted practitioners upon request or as listed in a Group Summary. HWHN and Groups shall establish such reimbursement amounts. Practitioners shall not individually or collectively with other Practitioners negotiate, determine, or establish such reimbursement amounts.
Schedule of Charges means the details of fees or Charges as may be prescribed by Us from time to time and displayed on our website.
Schedule of Charges means the document prescribing service fee(s), charges and other fee(s) applicable to including but not limited to the Card Members and the said schedule is also available at the bank branches and website of the Bank. The Schedule of Charges shall form a part of the Terms and Conditions and may be amended or modified by the Bank at its sole discretion.
Schedule of Charges is defined in subparagraph 9.3.a.
Schedule of Charges means the fee/charges prescribed by the Bank in respect of the Facilities provided/to be provided by the Bank, as amended from time to time as available on the Website;
Schedule of Charges means a schedule of charges provided by the Lender to the Borrower which shall include the processing fees, annual fees, charges payable on account of delay in payments and defaults, fees such as switch fees, conversion fees, re-pricing fees, part payment fees, foreclosure charges any other fees and charges that may be included by the Lender and to be paid by the Borrower.