Four Corners definition

Four Corners means Four Corners Generating Station;
Four Corners means Four Corners Windfarm, LLC, a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Oregon.

Examples of Four Corners in a sentence

Next, you will come to the intersection of Rte 195 and Rte 44—this is known as Mansfield Four Corners.

Four Corners Compounding Remodel2300 E 30th Street, Suite 101 Craig M.

The lesson to be taken from the Four Corners Rule is that it is absolutely critical that every detail and every promise involved in a lease agreement be included in writing.

Even films which rely on speech or written text, like Landscape Suicide (1987) and Four Corners (1997), build meaning by plac- ing that text in counterpoint to an image, sound, or sequence of images.

He has stated that at no time will all five (5) chairs be occupied and he is sensitive to the parking constraints in the northeast quadrant of the Four Corners, particularly on Penfield Road in front of the subject property.3. The site has 13 on-street parking spaces along its property frontage on Penfield Road to accommodate this and the Art Stop business.

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Four Corners means the Four Corners Generating Station;
Four Corners rule means that an insurer’s duties under an insurance policy are triggered by the language of the complaint against the insured. Kvaerner, 908 A.2d at 896. As noted, courts