Acquisition of Rights Sample Clauses

Acquisition of Rights. Buyer is not aware of, and has no reason to believe there is, any reason relating to Buyer that any Governmental Authority or other party whose consent is required or contemplated hereunder would refuse to consent to the transfer of CATV Instruments or any rights to Buyer hereunder or would condition the granting of any such consent on the performance by Sellers or Buyer of any material obligation not expressly set forth herein.
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Acquisition of Rights. (a) A trademark right may be acquired by registration or by use, in accordance with the legislation of each Party.
Acquisition of Rights. Should Monopar wish, at any time during the Term, to acquire all right, title, and interest in and to the Licensed Intellectual Property, then held by Onxeo or any successor or permitted assignee, it may by giving notice to Onxeo request that Onxeo enter into negotiations in this regard. Any such acquisition on terms and conditions (including financial terms and conditions) acceptable to each Party in its sole discretion.
Acquisition of Rights. A trademark right may be acquired by registration or by use. For the acquisition of trademark rights by use, contracting parties may require that such use has resulted in a reputation of the trademark. A system for the registration of trademarks shall be provided. Use of a trademark prior to registration shall not be a condition for registration. Contracting parties are encouraged to participate in a system for the international registration of trademarks.
Acquisition of Rights. The Tenant must not allow any easement to be acquired over the Property or the remainder of the Building. If any easement is acquired or attempted to be acquired, the Tenant must give immediate notice of it to the Landlord and at the request of the Landlord and at the cost of the Landlord adopt the course required by the Landlord for preventing the acquisition of the easement.
Acquisition of Rights. 15 4.08 Buyer's Financial Capability.................................. 15
Acquisition of Rights. A. A Party may make registrability depend on use. However, actual use of a trademark shall not be a condition for filing an application for registration. Neither Party may refuse an application solely on the ground that intended use has not taken place before the expiry of a period of three years from the date of application for registration.
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Acquisition of Rights. By this Agreement and as of the Closing Date, SED hereby transfers, assigns and delivers all of its rights, title, and interest, of whatever nature, in and to the Rights. This transfer, assignment, and delivery includes all rights to receive distributions on the Rights. The Acquiror may take immediate possession and utilize the Rights as of the Closing Date.
Acquisition of Rights. The LICENSOR (“Xxxxx Xxxxxx Music”) grants a single license for the music downloaded by the LICENSEE according to the following terms and conditions defined in this License Agreement. It is specifically understood and agreed upon that the LICENSEE does not acquire any ownership rights or any underlying copyrights, and that the LICENSOR retains all rights, title and interest in the music obtained from the LICENSOR (“Xxxxx Xxxxxx Music”), including all copyrights belonging to the original copyright holder, as well as any changes made to the licensed property by the LICENSEE.
Acquisition of Rights. 22 4.07 Capitalization...............................................22 4.08 Subsidiaries.................................................23 4.09
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