Accessible Sample Clauses

Accessible when used with respect to a Housing Unit or a Housing Development, means and refers to full compliance with the requirements of the Accessibility Standards for purposes of Section 504 and the ADA.
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Accessible. Is resource viewable from a public thoroughfare?
Accessible. We use the words “accessible,” “access” and “ac- cessibility” to reference 1) how we may provide and you may re- view and obtain paper or electronically-managed documents and the information that pertains to products and services with us, and
Accessible. You will support consumers in accessing your services by the physical design of your facilities. You will make specific provision for consumers with a mobility, sensory or communication disability available and known to consumer. You will make services available to deaf people through the provision of interpreters and devices to assist communication.
Accessible. We use the words “accessible,” “access” and “acces- sibility” to explain 1) how we may provide and you may review and obtain paper or electronically-managed documents and the infor- mation that pertains to products and services with us, and 2) how you may start and use a product or service as we allow.
Accessible. Organizations shall ensure that all potential consumers have the opportunity to use all services provided by the agency. Appropriate: Organizations shall ensure that consumersreceive, from all serviceproviders, effective, understandable and respectful servicethat is provided in a manner compatible with their cultural beliefs and practices and preferred language. Representative: Client demographics are representative of the agency’s services and geographic area. - Initials: CONTRACTOWCOUNTY County of Santa Xxxx FY -LIVING WAGE DATA REPORT Agency Name: Contract N County Dept. Please complete this-form checking all appropriate boxes for all covered employees in your agency. Covered employees are defined in the ordinance as any employee of a nonprofit contractor who lives or works in Santa Cruz County. The signature and date on this form will serve as self-certification of the agency's ordinance exemption status.
Accessible. Windows, Glass and doors or any other part, area, material or structure forming part of the Work which is ordinarily Accessible to tenants, residents, occupants, owners, renters or guests thereof and which term shall be understood as the context permits.
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Accessible. ADA-compliant and conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, as applicable.
Accessible. A recreation or other facility or site element that meets ADAAG. ADAAG: Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines. ADR: Alternative Dispute Resolution - see Paragraph 4.8.1. AF: acre-foot of water. Basic Ramping Rate: See Appendix A, Section 1, Paragraph 6. Basin Plan: The Water Quality Control Plan for the Central Valley Region, the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins. Xxxxxx Reach: The portion of the NFFR between Xxxxxx Forebay Dam and Xxxxxx Powerhouse. Beneficial Use: Those uses designated as Beneficial Uses for the North Fork Feather River in the Basin Plan, as may be amended. Block Loading: Operational mode of a powerhouse in which the generation capacity (and resulting cfs release) is held at or near a constant level for an extended period of time. CD: Critically Dry Water Year Type as defined in Appendix A, Section 4.
Accessible. We use the words “accessible,” “access” and “accessibility” to explain
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