Accessible Sample Clauses

Accessible. [...***...]
Accessible. As defined in 24 CFR 8.3.
Accessible. £46,000 has been awarded to Wirral Council’s Tourism section to replace Wirral’s Slipway signs with updated information, maps and local coastal hazards. New signs will be positioned at Kings Gap, Trinity Road and Hoyle Road Slipways in 2010 and will include information about the protected site.
Accessible. Systems.‌ Can be used from Kazoo but also from other systems.
Accessible. This site is for youth 12 years thru 18 years old and for vulnerable girls up to 21 years old. All volunteers must be background checked to volunteer. Once you sign up for a shift the background check is run, you will be contacted if you do not pass the check.
Accessible. The open space shall be to greatest extent practicable accessible to the general public and not for the exclusive use of a homeowners association or nonprofit organization. For open space maintained for active agricultural purposes public access may be limited or completely excluded.
Accessible. Windows, Glass and doors or any other part, area, material or structure forming part of the Work which is ordinarily Accessible to tenants, residents, occupants, owners, renters or guests thereof and which term shall be understood as the context permits.

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Web Site The Manager, at the Company's request, will provide access to its account information electronically, via the world wide web, based upon the Company's use of a BlackRock issued user id and password. The Company acknowledges and agrees the world wide web is a continually growing medium and the Manager does not make any warranty regarding the security related to the world wide web. The Company must be aware there is no absolute guaranteed system or technique to fully secure information made available over the web. The Company agrees that it will not share its user id, password and access to information provided electronically with any third party.
COMPUTER GRAPHICS FILES The Engineer agrees to comply with Attachment G, Computer Graphics Files for Document and Information Exchange, if determined by the State to be applicable to this contract. Under Section 231.006, Texas Family Code, the Engineer certifies that the individual or business entity named in this contract, bid, or application is not ineligible to receive the specified grant, loan, or payment and acknowledges that this contract may be terminated and payment may be withheld if this certification is inaccurate. If the above certification is shown to be false, the Engineer is liable to the state for attorney’s fees, the cost necessary to complete the contract, including the cost of advertising and awarding a second contract, and any other damages provided by law or the contract. A child support obligor or business entity ineligible to receive payments because of a payment delinquency of more than thirty (30) days remains ineligible until: all arrearages have been paid; the obligor is in compliance with a written repayment agreement or court order as to any existing delinquency; or the court of continuing jurisdiction over the child support order has granted the obligor an exemption from Subsection (a) of Section 231.006, Texas Family Code, as part of a court- supervised effort to improve earnings and child support payments.
Access Registry Operator will have the file(s) ready for download as of 00:00:00 UTC on the day designated for retrieval by ICANN. The file(s) will be made available for download by SFTP, though ICANN may request other means in the future.
Furnish Information It shall be a condition precedent to the obligations of the Company to take any action pursuant to this Section 2 with respect to the Registrable Securities of any selling Holder that such Holder shall furnish to the Company such information regarding itself, the Registrable Securities held by it, and the intended method of disposition of such securities as is reasonably required to effect the registration of such Holder’s Registrable Securities.
Business Hours The term "Business Hours" shall mean the hours of 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday (federal and state holidays excepted) and Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 1 P.M. Holidays are defined as the following: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, and to the extent of utilities or services provided by union members engaged at the Building, such other holidays observed by such unions.
Inspection The Issuer agrees that, on reasonable prior notice, it will permit any representative of the Indenture Trustee, during the Issuer’s normal business hours, to examine all the books of account, records, reports and other papers of the Issuer, to make copies and extracts therefrom, to cause (at the expense of the requesting party) such books to be audited by Independent certified public accountants, and to discuss the Issuer’s affairs, finances and accounts with the Issuer’s officers, employees, and Independent certified public accountants, all at such reasonable times and as often as may be reasonably requested. The Indenture Trustee shall and shall cause its representatives to hold in confidence all such information except to the extent disclosure may be required by law (and all reasonable applications for confidential treatment are unavailing) and except to the extent that the Indenture Trustee may reasonably determine that such disclosure is consistent with its obligations hereunder.
Operating Hours Subject to Building Rules and Regulations and such security standards as Landlord may from time to time adopt, the Building shall be open to the public during the Building Operating Hours and the Premises shall be open to Tenant during hours other than Building Operating Hours.
Password Company is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the User ID(s) and Password(s) assigned to each Authorised User by American Express (collectively, the “Password”). Company shall be responsible for any use of the @ Work Services accessed by a Password, whether authorised or unauthorised. American Express shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or misuse of any Password.
Computer The Contractor shall maintain at its office for its use a computer with, at a minimum, a 1 GHz processor and an internet connection. The Contractor shall maintain individual email accounts for each of its project managers.
Internet Traffic Any traffic that is transmitted to or returned from the Internet at any point during the duration of the transmission.