Acceptance of Subscriptions Sample Clauses

Acceptance of Subscriptions. 4.1 Following Agent’s first receipt of Subscriptions, on each business day, or more frequently if reasonably requested as to major tally figures, forward a report by email to [________________] (the “Company Representative”) as to the following information, based upon a preliminary review (and at all times subject to a final determination by Company) as of the close of business on the preceding business day or the most recent practicable time prior to such request, as the case may be: (i) the total number of shares of the Additional Common Stock Subscribed for; (ii) the total number of the Rights sold; (iii) the total number of the Rights partially Subscribed for; (iv) the amount of funds received; and (v) the cumulative totals in categories (i) through (iv), above.
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Acceptance of Subscriptions. The Buyer understands and agrees that the Company, in its sole and absolute discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject this or any other subscription for the Notes, in whole or in part, notwithstanding prior receipt by the Buyer of notice of acceptance of this subscription. If the subscription is rejected in whole or the offering of the Notes is terminated, all funds received by the Escrow Agent from the Buyer will be promptly returned without interest or offset, and this subscription shall thereafter be of no further force or effect. If this subscription is rejected in part, the funds for the rejected portion of this subscription will be returned without interest or offset, and this subscription will continue in full force and effect to the extent this subscription was accepted.
Acceptance of Subscriptions. 3.03(d)(1). Discretion by the Managing General Partner. Acceptance of subscriptions is discretionary with the Managing General Partner. The Managing General Partner may reject any subscription for any reason it deems appropriate.
Acceptance of Subscriptions. Upon acceptance of a Subscription, Continental shall from time to time during the offering:
Acceptance of Subscriptions. The Manager shall not cause the Fund to accept any subscription for Shares except as provided in Article 1 or in Section 9.6, as the case may be.
Acceptance of Subscriptions. 1. The Rights Agent is hereby authorized and directed to receive subscriptions for ADSs on behalf of the Company throughout the Subscription Period. Any funds that the Rights Agent receives during the Subscription Period from Owners in respect of payments for ADSs shall be deposited in an interest bearing account at the Rights Agent that the Rights Agent designates solely for such purpose (the "Deposit Account") and such funds shall remain in the Deposit Account until they are distributed to the Company in accordance with Article VI, paragraph 1 hereof. As promptly as practicable after the Rights Agent receives each Owner's Instruction, the Rights Agent shall determine whether the Owner sending such Owner's Instruction has properly completed and executed such forms and has submitted the correct payment for the ADSs. If such form is not properly completed, is unexecuted or, if such Owner did not send the correct payment amount then the Rights Agent will send a notice to such Owner instructing such Owner to amend its Owner's Instruction or submit the proper payment amount, as the case may be. Except as otherwise set forth in this Article IV, if such Owner does not amend its Owner's Instruction or submit the proper payment amount, as the case may be, by the Expiration Date, such Owner's right to purchase ADSs in the Rights Offer shall be deemed to be unexercised. Notwithstanding the foregoing, without further authorization from the Company, except where otherwise specified or as otherwise notified in writing by the Company prior to the Expiration Date, the following Owner's Instructions shall be deemed to be properly completed:
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Acceptance of Subscriptions. (a) Upon acceptance of a Subscription, Agent shall hold all monies received in a special account for the benefit of the Company. Promptly following the Expiration Time, Agent shall distribute to the Company the funds in such account. Agent will not be obligated to calculate or pay interest to any holder or any other party claiming through a holder or otherwise.
Acceptance of Subscriptions a. The Company hereby authorizes and directs the Agent to accept subscriptions for New ADSs on behalf of the Company upon the proper completion and execution of an ADS Rights Certificate, surrender of the applicable ADS Rights Certificate and delivery of the U.S. Dollar Payment in respect of the ADS Subscription Price for the New ADSs, in accordance with the terms thereof and hereof. The Company further authorizes the Agent to refuse to accept, in its reasonable discretion, any improperly completed or unexecuted ADS Rights Certificate.
Acceptance of Subscriptions. Upon acceptance of a Subscription, Mellon shall:
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