Special Account definition

Special Account means the account referred to in Section 2.02 (b) of this Agreement;
Special Account means the account referred to in Part B of Schedule 1 to this Agreement;
Special Account means a managed account in which a financial adviser, trustee, or other person buys or sells Restricted Trading Securities for a Covered Person (or for a person in whose securities a Covered Person has a Beneficial Ownership interest), provided that the account meets the requirements described in Section D.2.f.(4).

Examples of Special Account in a sentence

  • Subject to the Bank’s approval, the threshold of the Special Account will be increased to US$85,000, once the total disbursements from the Grant to Special Account reach US$150,000.

  • Special Account opened with the Clearing Corporation The details of transfer of the Demat Shares to the special account of the Clearing Corporation under which the Equity Shares are to be transferred in the account of the Clearing Corporation by trading members or custodians shall be informed in the issue opening circular that will be issued by the NSE or the Clearing Corporation.

  • Transition probabilities are selected by analysing historic notification to claim emergence experience.Risk Equalisation Special Account (RESA)Under the provisions of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, all health insurers must participate in the RESA, which charges a levy to all health insurers, and shares a proportion of the hospital claims of all persons aged 55 years and older and those with high-cost claims between all registered health insurers.

  • Special Account: Funds received pursuant to these rules shall be deposited with the town treasurer who shall establish a special account for this purpose.

  • Special Account and Funds FlowProject funds will flow from the Bank, either via a Special Account, opened in a Bulgarian Commercial Bank, which will be replenished on the basis of SOEs, or by direct payment on the basis of direct payment withdrawal applications.

More Definitions of Special Account

Special Account means a specified cash collateral account maintained by a financial institution acceptable to the Lender in connection with Letters of Credit, as contemplated by Section 2.6.
Special Account means an account as defined for the purposes of Chapter 4A of Part 8 of the Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations or Chapter 5 of Part 10 of the Employment and Support Allowance Regulations;
Special Account means the account maintained by the Company with a bank in Singapore for the purpose of crediting moneys paid by exercising Warrantholders in satisfaction of the Exercise Price in relation to the Warrants exercised by such exercising Warrantholders;
Special Account means the account referred to in Section 2.02(b) of this Agreement; and
Special Account means any of the Special Accounts.
Special Account means one or more of the Special Accounts established in the Debt Service Reserve Fund by a Supplemental Resolution pursuant to the Second Resolution.
Special Account means a special account maintained under section 13;