Watercourse definition

Watercourse means a channel in which a flow of water occurs, either continuously or intermittently.
Watercourse means a lake, river, creek, stream, wash, channel or other topographic feature on or over which waters flow at least periodically. Watercourse includes specifically designated areas in which substantial flood damage may occur.
Watercourse means a natural or artificial channel for the passage of water either continuously or intermittently.

Examples of Watercourse in a sentence

  • The Permittee shall not place any Fuel Storage Containers or Tanks within 100 metres of the Ordinary High Water Mark of any Watercourse, unless otherwise authorized in writing by an Inspector.

  • When drilling within 100 metres of the Ordinary High Water Mark of any Watercourse, and when drilling on ice, the Permittee shall contain all drill water and waste in a closed circuit system for reuse, off‐site disposal, or deposit into a land‐based Sump or natural depression.

  • Watercourse crossing culvert maintenance and repair, including culvert cleaning, culvert improvement and repair, culvert replacement, and temporary streamdiversions during in-stream projects; 5.

  • Members felt they could not agree to an advertising notice, perhaps an information board may be more appropriate• Mitigation work on Brook Noted Drainage Task and Finish Group to look at issue with SCDC Watercourse Officer.

  • A detailed design in terms of the culvert crossing is available and presented on WYG Drawing reference A078181- 51-003, entitled Watercourse Crossing Details, dated 08/01/2014.

More Definitions of Watercourse

Watercourse means a permanent or intermittent stream or other body of water, either natural or man-made, which gathers or carries surface water.
Watercourse means a system of surface waters and groundwaters constituting by virtue of their physical relationship a unitary whole and normally flowing into a common terminus;
Watercourse means watercourse as defined in section 22a-38 of the General Statutes.
Watercourse means an open channel, ditch or depression either natural or artificial, in which flow of water occurs either continuously or intermittently.
Watercourse means any natural or artificial stream, river, creek, ditch, channel, canal, conduit, culvert, drain, waterway, gully, ravine or wash, in and including any adjacent area that is subject to inundation from overflow or flood water.
Watercourse means a natural or man-made channel or swale in which a flow of water occurs, either continuously or intermittently with some degree of regularity.
Watercourse means any perennial stream. “Watercourse” shall not include ditches or other constructed channels primarily associated with land drainage or water conveyance through or around private or public infrastructure.