Waters definition

Waters or “waters of the state” means any and all water, public or private, on or beneath the surface of the ground, which are contained within, flow through, or border upon Tennessee or any portion thereof except those bodies of water confined to and retained within the limits of private property in single ownership which do not combine or effect a junction with natural surface or underground waters.
Waters means any Waters as defined by section 1 of the Act.
Waters when not qualified means waters not open to the general public.

Examples of Waters in a sentence

  • REIMS data was processed and analysed using the Abstract Model Builder (AMX) [Beta] version 1.0.2159.0 (Waters Research Centre, Hungary).

  • Leucine enkephalin (Waters, UK) was used as a lockmass by dissolving it in MS-grade isopropanol (Fisher Scientific, USA) at a concentration of 0.1 ng/µl and infusing it into the mass spectrometer at a rate of 150 µl/min.

  • REIMS analysis was conducted using an electrosurgical knife (iKnife, Waters, UK) combined with a Xevo G2 qToF mass spectrometer (Waters, UK).

  • REIMS analysis was conducted using a direct REIMS inlet assembly (DRIA) (Waters, Budapest) combined with a Xevo G2 ToF mass spectrometer (Waters, UK).

  • Implementation arrangements have been discussed with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Waters and Environment and with the Ministry of Public Finance.

More Definitions of Waters

Waters means the ocean and its estuaries to the seaward limit
Waters means lakes, bays, sounds, ponds, impounding reservoirs, springs, wells, rivers, streams, creeks, estuaries, marshes, inlets, canals, the Atlantic Ocean within the territorial limits of the State and all other bodies of surface or underground water, natural or artificial, public or private, inland or coastal, fresh or salt, which are wholly or partially within or bordering the State or within its jurisdiction;
Waters or “waters of the state” means waters as defined in Section 403.031, F.S.
Waters means the ocean and its estuaries to the seaward limit of the State's jurisdiction, all springs, streams and bodies of surface or ground water, whether natural or artificial, within the boundaries of this State.
Waters means all rivers, streams, creeks, brooks, reservoirs, ponds, lakes, and springs and all bodies of surface waters, artificial or natural, which that are contained within, flow through, or border upon the state State or any portion of it.
Waters means rivers, streams, lakes, navigable waters and associated tributaries, canals, meandered lakes, enclosed water systems, and any other bodies of water.
Waters means any stream, river, brook, swamp, lake, sound, tidal estuary, bay, creek, reservoir, waterway, or other body or accumulation of water, whether surface or underground, public or private, or natural or artificial, that is contained in, flows through, or borders upon any portion of this State, including any portion of the Atlantic Ocean over which the State has jurisdiction.