Overflow definition

Overflow means the intentional or unintentional diversion of flow from the collection and transport systems, including pumping facilities.
Overflow means the release of manure or process wastewater resulting from the accumulation beyond the point where manure, process wastewater, or stormwater can be contained by the manure storage area.
Overflow means the diversion and discharge of waste streams from any portion of the wastewater conveyance system including pump stations, through a designed overflow device or structure, other than discharges to the wastewater treatment facility.

Examples of Overflow in a sentence

  • At the end of the month, total the daily occurrences from all locations on your system and report this number using reporting code 74062 (Overflow Occurrence, No./Month) on the 4500 form for station number 300.

  • Although the above table indicates that the Measuring Frequency for Overflow Occurrence is 1/Month, the intent of that provision is to specify a reporting frequency for Overflow Occurrence, not a monitoring frequency.

  • The report may be submitted electronically using the NPDES Annual Sanitary Sewer Overflow Report available through the Ohio EPA eBusiness Center, Division of Surface Water NPDES Permit Applications service.

  • Overflow Volume shall be reported on each day there is a discharge through this station.

  • Overflow Occurrences: If a discharge from this station occurs intermittently during a day, starting and stopping several times, count "1" occurrence for that day.

More Definitions of Overflow

Overflow means the discharge of manure or process wastewater resulting from the filling of wastewater or manure storage structures beyond the point at which no more manure, process wastewater, or storm water can be contained by the structure.
Overflow means discharge of manure to the environ- ment resulting from flow over the brim of a facility or from flow directed onto the ground through a man−made device including a pump or pipe.
Overflow. – means the intentional or unintentional diversion of flow from the PVSC collection system before the PVSC Treatment Works.
Overflow means the intentional or unintentional diversion of flow from the POTW before the POTW treatment plant.
Overflow means a discharge to the environment from the Works at a location other than the approved effluent disposal facilities or via the effluent disposal facilities downstream of the Final Effluent sampling point;
Overflow or "overflowing solid waste" means solid waste of non‐residential customers that is deposited on the ground outside of a solid waste container (except for any items bundled in accordance with Section 9.04.140) or excess solid waste that has been piled onto a solid waste container that is already full to such an extent that the excess solid waste will spill onto the ground in the emptying process, requiring more than minimal manual cleanup of waste from the ground.
Overflow means any diversion of flow from a POTW before the POTW treatment plant.