Existing Shareholders definition

Existing Shareholders means Fifth Third Bank and its Affiliates.
Existing Shareholders has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Existing Shareholders means, as context requires, Registered Holders or beneficial holders of the Existing Shares, in their capacities as such;

Examples of Existing Shareholders in a sentence

  • Subject equity interest Conditions for the Share Purchase Agreement taking effect : CRWH agreed to purchase, and the Existing Shareholders agreed to sell, an aggregate of 50.58% of the total equity interest of the Target Company (upon the Capital Increase Completion), among which 38.156% and 12.424% will be transferred by Hubei Yihua and Yichang Caiyuan respectively.

  • Date : 25 October 2022 (after trading hours) Parties : (1) CRWH; (2) The Existing Shareholders (namely Yichang Caiyuan and Hubei Yihua); (3) Yichang Investment; and (4) The Target Company.

  • The Existing Shareholders or Yichang Investment are not allowed to transfer its equity interest in the Target Company directly or indirectly to the competitors of the Target Company and/or any other third party engaged in alcohol business.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, Existing Shareholders shall be entitled to continue to hold their Existing Shares in accordance with the terms of this Plan, subject to the Common Share Consolidation.

  • It was determined after arm’s length negotiation between the Company and the Existing Shareholders after considering the contractual obligations of the Existing Shareholders under the Agreements including representations, warranties and specific performance such as release of guarantees of loan and completion of administrative registration.

More Definitions of Existing Shareholders

Existing Shareholders means The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., Xxxxxxx Xxxxx & Co., Inc., Barclays PLC and their respective Affiliates.
Existing Shareholders means the shareholders of the Company that are party to the Primary Shareholders Agreement.
Existing Shareholders means collectively, all shareholders of record of Innocoll AG as of the date of this Agreement, all shareholders or general and limited partners of any shareholder of record of Innocoll AG as of the date of this Agreement (each such partner or shareholder being hereinafter referred to as “Partner”), all members of the immediate family of each such Partner, including without limitation, all parents, children, grandchildren, spouses and siblings thereof, and all spouses of each of the foregoing, all other Persons, directly or indirectly, owned or controlled by any Existing Shareholder or Partner or in which any Existing Shareholder or Partner has any material interest.
Existing Shareholders means (i) Fund VIII, (ii) any of its Affiliates and/or (iii) any other funds launched as a "Nordic Capital Fund" from time to time.
Existing Shareholders shall have the meaning as defined in Preamble.
Existing Shareholders means Advent and its Affiliates and Fifth Third Bank and its Affiliates.
Existing Shareholders means Albert M. Carollo, Lawrence F. DeGeorge, Lawrence J. DeGeorge, Curtis Rochelle, Marian Rochelle, Rochelle Investments, Ltd. (so long as it is controlled by Curtis or Marian Rochelle), Gene W. Schneider, G. Schneider Holdings, Co. and The Gene W. Schneider Family Trust (so long as each is controlled by Gene W. Schneider or trustees appointed by him), Janet S. Schneider and Mark L. Schneider, Apollo Cable Partners, L.P. and Apollo Advisors L.P. (collectively, the "Principals") and with respect to any Principal means: