Shareholders definition

Shareholders. Equity” means, as of any date of determination, consolidated shareholders’ equity of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries as of that date determined in accordance with GAAP.
Shareholders means as of any particular time the holders of record of outstanding Shares of the Trust, at such time.
Shareholders in this context means shareholders on the date seven days before the notice of the relevant meeting was deemed to have been served but excludes holders who are known to the ACD not to be shareholders at the time of the meeting.

Examples of Shareholders in a sentence

Shareholders may cast all of their votes for a single nominee (or multiple nominees in varying amounts).

Other information regarding the Fund is available in the Fund’s most recent Report to Shareholders.

Fidelity generally supports charter and by-law amendments expanding the indemnification of officers or directors, or limiting their liability for breaches of care unless Fidelity is dissat- isfied with their performance or the proposal is accompanied by anti-takeover provisions (see Anti-Takeover Provisions and Shareholders Rights Plans below).

CHARGES AND EXPENSES Management fees Shareholders of each fund, except for the 2065 Fund, approved a new management contract with Putnam Management effective January 4, 2021 (the “Management Contract”).

Shareholders should consult with their tax advisers regarding the state and local tax consequences of the conversion of class C shares to class A shares, or any other exchange or conversion of shares.

More Definitions of Shareholders

Shareholders. Equity” means, at any date, the amount determined on a consolidated basis, without duplication, in accordance with GAAP, of shareholders equity for the Borrower and its Subsidiaries at such date.
Shareholders in this context means Shareholders entered on the register at a time to be determined by the ACD and stated in the notice of the meeting which must not be more than 48 hours before the time fixed for the meeting.
Shareholders means holders of Common Shares;
Shareholders means as of any particular time all holders of record of outstanding Shares at such time.
Shareholders means the holders of Ordinary Shares.