Vesting Date definition

Vesting Date means the date established by the Committee on which a share of Restricted Stock or Phantom Stock may vest.
Vesting Date has the meaning set forth in Section 3.10(c)(ii).
Vesting Date means, as applicable: (i) the date on which the restrictions imposed on a Share of Restricted Stock lapse or (ii) the date on which the Grantee vests in a Restricted Stock Unit.

Examples of Vesting Date in a sentence

  • As soon as practicable following the Vesting Date or such earlier vesting date as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Award shall be promptly paid out in Shares.

  • If you have a Termination of Employment prior to the Vesting Date, then except as provided in paragraph 4, paragraph 5 and paragraph 6 of this Section 3 of this Exhibit A, you will forfeit the Performance Cash Award, and will have no right to earn or receive payment of any amount under Section 3 of this Exhibit A.

  • Except as provided in this Section 4 and in Section 8 below, vesting of the Award requires continued active employment or service through each applicable Vesting Date as a condition to the vesting of the applicable installment of the Award and the rights and benefits under this Award Agreement.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, and except as otherwise provided by the Committee, in the event of the Participant’s Termination of Service due to the Participant’s Retirement (defined below) on or after the first anniversary of the Award Date, death or Disability, any unvested RSUs shall continue to be eligible to vest on the Vesting Date without regard to the Participant’s Termination of Service.

  • As of the applicable Vesting Date, Grantee shall be entitled to the delivery of Shares with respect to the applicable Earned PSUs.

More Definitions of Vesting Date

Vesting Date means the Policy Anniversary coinciding with or immediately following the Life Assured attaining Age 18 if the Life Assured was a minor on the Risk Commencement Date. Part C of this Policy will specify whether and under which conditions this Policy will vest with the Life Assured.
Vesting Date means the date on which the restrictions imposed under Paragraph 3 on a Restricted Share lapse, as provided in Paragraph 4.
Vesting Date means any date on which your rights with respect to all or a portion of the Restricted Shares subject to this Award Agreement may become fully vested, and the restrictions set forth in this Award Agreement may lapse, as provided in Section 3(a) of this Award Agreement.
Vesting Date means each vesting date set forth in the Notice.
Vesting Date means each date specified in the Grantee’s Award Agreement as a date on which part or all of an Award becomes Vested.
Vesting Date means the date or dates on which an Award Vests.