Vesting Period definition

Vesting Period means the period of time specified by the Committee during which vesting restrictions for an Award are applicable.
Vesting Period means the period beginning on the Grant Date and ending on the Vesting Date.
Vesting Period means, in relation to Restricted Shares or Restricted Units, any period of not less than 12 months beginning with the first day of the month in which the grant of the applicable Restricted Shares or Restricted Units is effective, during which such Restricted Shares or Restricted Units may be forfeited if the Participant terminates employment.

Examples of Vesting Period in a sentence

  • A Cash Opportunity that has not Vested during its Vesting Period will automatically lapse upon failure to satisfy an applicable Vesting Condition, unless that satisfaction is waived by the Board.

  • If the employment of the Employee by the Company or an affiliate terminates for any reason except as described below, the Restricted LTIP Units for which the applicable Vesting Period has not expired as of the date of such termination shall be forfeited and returned to the Company for delivery to the Partnership and cancellation.

  • The Employee shall have the right to vote the Restricted LTIP Units if and when voting is allowed under the Partnership Agreement, regardless of whether the applicable Vesting Period has expired.

  • In all other events including approved earned leave and sick leave, the period of leave shall be included to calculate the Vesting Period unless otherwise determined by the Committee.

  • Provided that in case where Options are granted by the Company under the Plan in lieu of Options held by a person under a similar Plan in another company (“Transferor Company”) which has merged, demerged, arranged or amalgamated with the Company, the period during which the Options granted by the Transferor Company were held by him shall be adjusted against the minimum Vesting Period as per the Plan.

More Definitions of Vesting Period

Vesting Period means, with respect to a Grant of Share Units, the period specified by the Board, commencing on the Grant Date and ending on the last Vesting Date for such Share Units.
Vesting Period of an Option means, for the purpose of the Plan and its related instruments, the period between the Adoption Date and the date on which the Grantee may exercise the rights awarded pursuant to the terms of the Option. Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, any period in which the Grantee shall not be employed by the Company (or, in the case of consultants, contractors or directors, shall not be in the service of the Company) or in which the Grantee shall have taken an unpaid leave of absence, shall not be included in the Vesting Period.
Vesting Period means the period during which an Award granted hereunder is subject to a service or performance-related restriction, as set forth in the related Award Agreement.
Vesting Period means the period beginning on the day after the last day of the Performance Period and ending December 31, 2014.
Vesting Period means the period(s) as stipulated herein or in the Stock Option Agreement that the Participant may purchase the Option Shares.
Vesting Period means the period of time commencing on the date of this Agreement and ending on the date on which the entire Option has vested.
Vesting Period means a fixed period of time between the date of offer by the employer and the date after which the option to purchase can be exercised by the employee.