Variable Operating Costs definition

Variable Operating Costs means the aggregate of all amounts:
Variable Operating Costs means any operating cost that is variable with the level of occupancy of the Building (e.g. utilities and cleaning services). In the event that Landlord excludes from “Operating Costs” any specific costs billed to or otherwise incurred for the particular benefit of specific tenants of the Building or to other buildings or projects on the Land, Landlord shall have the right to increase “Operating Costs” by an amount equal to the cost of providing standard services similar to the services for which such excluded specific costs were billed or incurred. In no event shall Landlord receive from all tenants of the Building more than one hundred percent (100%) of any Operating Costs.
Variable Operating Costs means the aggregate of all amounts:reasonably incurred or charged by the Operator (including any margin payable to the Operator under the Operation & Maintenance Contract);reasonably incurred or charged by DBCT Management with the express written consent of not less than two thirds of Access Holders by contract tonnage; andreasonably incurred by DBCT Management in exercising its rights under the Operation & Maintenance Contract to step in or take work out of the hands of the Operator (as a result of a default by the Operator),to the extent that they represent a variable cost of operating the Terminal.

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Variable Operating Costs are Operating Costs that are variable with the level of occupancy of the Building (such as janitorial services, utilities, refuse and waste disposal, and management fees).

Where:- OVC is the aggregate of all Variable Operating Costs in respect of the Handling of all Coal through the Terminal for a Financial Year; and TTCS is the total number of tonnes of Coal Shipped through the Terminal during that Financial Year.

Summary of Variable Operating Costs VariableInformation and Operating Cost (cost year in parentheses)Gasifier bed materialSynthetic olivine and MgO.

As soon as practicable following the commencement of a fiscal year, the Board shall, upon recommendation of the Treasurer, reconcile Capital Costs, Fixed and Variable Operating Costs and Repair and Replacement Costs for the prior fiscal year.

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Variable Operating Costs means all incremental costs incurred by B.C. Hydro in respect of generation at the Thermal Generation Plants at the request of and for purchase by Powerex pursuant to Sections 5.1 or 5.2, as determined in good faith from time to time by B.C. Hydro; and
Variable Operating Costs mean those Project-related operating and maintenance costs and other costs that are dependent on, and vary based on, the volume of water actually conveyed through project including, but not limited to, the cost for solids disposal, power, and chemicals.
Variable Operating Costs. As defined in Exhibit G, Paragraph (I), Subparagraph (o). Year, Calendar Year, Lease Year: A Year shall be any period of 365/366 consecutive days. Calendar Year shall mean the period from January 1 to December 31. Lease Year shall refer to each Year beginning August 1, 2004.
Variable Operating Costs means any costs and expenses included in the definition of Operating Costs, the amount of which varies with the level of occupancy in the Building.
Variable Operating Costs means variable operating costs as dscribed in Article VIII;
Variable Operating Costs means, with respect to any Segment, the costs of energy, lubricants and drag reduction and other additives consumed by Carrier in its transportation operations in connection with such Segment.