Definition of Utility charge

Utility charge means any charge by the community owner or others for water, sewer, electricity, fuel, cable television, trash or other commodity or service of general importance or need.

Examples of Utility charge in a sentence

Utility Charges of Amendment No.12 and Lease Renewal, specifically item 5., 2), (a), only the associated Exhibit (LA12-Exhibit F-l2) SHALL BE DELETED IN ITS ENTIRETY AND REPLACED WITH the attached Exhibit (LA13-Exhibit F-13a) (For information purposes only, the new Exhibit is only modified to reflect the change in the Utility charge related to L001, as described above in item 3.) ALL OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Lease Agreement remain unchanged and in full force and effect.
This Direct Labor and Utility charge may also include other incidental expenses incurred by the brewery for the calendar month production, such as misc.