Underlying Documents definition

Underlying Documents means, together, the Contracts, the Refund Guarantees, the Supervision Agreements and the Management Agreements and “Underlying Document” means any of them.
Underlying Documents means any Assignable Charters and, in the singular, means any of them;

Examples of Underlying Documents in a sentence

  • Gov’t Code § 36.004, the court is ineligible for any grant money awarded by this state or a state agency for the next state fiscal biennium.

  • The Borrowers must pay all stamp, documentary, registration or other like duties or taxes (including any duties or taxes payable by any of the Banks) imposed on or in connection with any of the Underlying Documents, the Security Documents or the Loan or any Advance and agree to indemnify the Banks or any of them against any liability arising by reason of any delay or omission by the Borrowers to pay such duties or taxes.

  • Schedule I hereto contains a list of all Servicing Agreements (other than the Underlying Documents) related to the Servicing Rights that are subject to this Sale Supplement and Schedule II hereto contains a list of all Underlying Documents related to such Servicing Agreement, in each case with all amendments and modifications thereto, or supplements thereto with respect to such Servicing Rights.

  • In addition, the Collateral Manager on behalf of the Issuer will obtain any and all consents required by the Underlying Documents relating to any general intangibles for the transfer of ownership and/or pledge hereunder (except to the extent that the requirement for such consent is rendered ineffective under Section 9-406 of the UCC).

  • Tenant’s rights hereunder are subject to the terms of any Underlying Documents.

More Definitions of Underlying Documents

Underlying Documents means, together, the Management Agreements, the Contracts and any Charters and "Underlying Document" means any of them.
Underlying Documents means, together, the Vessel Purchase Agreements, the Shipbuilding Contracts, the Refund Guarantees, any Extended Employment Contracts and the Management Agreements ;
Underlying Documents means, together, the Shipbuilding Contracts, the Shipbuilding Contract Addenda, the Novation Agreements, the Refund Guarantees and the Management Agreement;
Underlying Documents means, together, the Purchase Agreement, the Shipbuilding Contract, the Refund Guarantee, any Extended Employment Contracts and the Management Agreement;
Underlying Documents means each operative document or agreement described on Schedule II attached to the related Sale Supplement executed in connection with each Securitization Transaction which is binding upon Seller, as servicer, if any.
Underlying Documents means each PSA related to the transactions described on Schedule I.
Underlying Documents means, together, the MOAs, each Charter and the Management Agreements;