Security Documents definition

Security Documents the collective reference to the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, the Mortgages and all other security documents hereafter delivered to the Administrative Agent granting a Lien on any property of any Person to secure the obligations and liabilities of any Loan Party under any Loan Document.
Security Documents means the Security Agreement, the Mortgages and each other security document or pledge agreement delivered in accordance with applicable local or foreign law to grant a valid, perfected security interest in any property as collateral for the Secured Obligations, and all UCC or other financing statements or instruments of perfection required by this Agreement, the Security Agreement, any Mortgage or any other such security document or pledge agreement to be filed with respect to the security interests in property and fixtures created pursuant to the Security Agreement or any Mortgage and any other document or instrument utilized to pledge or grant or purport to pledge or grant a security interest or lien on any property as collateral for the Secured Obligations.

Examples of Security Documents in a sentence

  • Borrower shall have executed and delivered such amendments or supplements to this Agreement and additional Security Documents, financing statements and third party waivers as Lender may reasonably request in connection with the proposed Loan, in order to create, protect or perfect or to maintain the perfection of Xxxxxx’s Liens on the Collateral.

  • Parent also agrees to, and shall cause each of its Subsidiaries that is a Guarantor to, provide to the Administrative Agent, from time to time upon request, evidence reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent as to the perfection and priority of the Liens created or intended to be created by the Security Documents.

More Definitions of Security Documents

Security Documents means the Collateral Agreement, the Mortgages and each other security agreement or other instrument or document executed and delivered pursuant to Section 5.12 or 5.13 to secure any of the Obligations.
Security Documents means, collectively, the Guarantee and Security Agreement, all Uniform Commercial Code financing statements filed with respect to the security interests in personal property created pursuant to the Guarantee and Security Agreement and all other assignments, pledge agreements, security agreements, control agreements and other instruments executed and delivered on or after the date hereof by any of the Obligors pursuant to the Guarantee and Security Agreement or otherwise providing or relating to any collateral security for any of the Secured Obligations under and as defined in the Guarantee and Security Agreement.
Security Documents means the Security Agreement, the Subsidiary Guarantees and any other documents and filing required thereunder in order to grant the Purchasers a first priority security interest in the assets of the Company and the Subsidiaries as provided in the Security Agreement, including all UCC-1 filing receipts.
Security Documents means the instruments listed in the Security Schedule and all other security agreements, deeds of trust, mortgages, chattel mortgages, pledges, guaranties, financing statements, continuation statements, extension agreements and other agreements or instruments now, heretofore, or hereafter delivered by any Restricted Person to Agent in connection with this Agreement or any transaction contemplated hereby to secure or guarantee the payment of any part of the Obligations or the performance of any Restricted Person's other duties and obligations under the Loan Documents.
Security Documents means this Agreement, each Reaffirmation Agreement, each Collateral Trust Agreement Joinder, and all security agreements, pledge agreements, collateral assignments, mortgages, deeds of trust, collateral agency agreements, control agreements or other grants or transfers for security executed and delivered by any Grantor creating (or purporting to create) a Lien upon Collateral in favor of the Collateral Trustee, for the benefit of any of the Secured Parties, in each case, as amended, modified, renewed, restated or replaced, in whole or in part, from time to time, in accordance with its terms and Section 7.1.
Security Documents means this Agreement, the Predelivery Security Assignments, the Mortgages, the General Assignments, the Charter Assignments, the Earnings Account Pledges, the Retention Account Pledge, the Corporate Guarantee, the Manager’s Undertakings and any other documents as may have been or shall from time to time after the date of this Agreement be executed in favour of the Bank to guarantee and/or to govern and/or to secure payment of all or any part of the Loan, interest thereon and other moneys from time to time owing by the Borrowers pursuant to this Agreement (whether or not any such document also guarantees and/or secures moneys from time to time owing pursuant to any other document or agreement);