Train definition

Train means one or more units of Rolling Stock coupled together, at least one of which is a locomotive or other self-propelled unit;
Train means to instruct in the skills addressed to a level that the trainee has the demonstrated proficiency to implement those skills as, and when, called for in the training. “Trained” means to have achieved such proficiency.

Examples of Train in a sentence

  • Where actual capacities at the Start Date are different, these will be subject to revision by the Secretary of State in accordance with paragraph 3.4 of this Schedule 1.6, in which case the capacity tables in the Train Service Requirement shall be subject to a corresponding updating to reflect the updated capacities.

  • Train facility personnel in the operation and maintenance of the system (minimum of two 2 hour training sessions.

  • Consider the environment it will be used in, the load to be lifted and addition risks posed by its operation.▪ Lifting equipment must have adequate strength and stability (consider mobile equipment).▪ Provide operators with a suitable position and a safe place of work.▪ Train operators, ensure they have relevant experience and are competent to operate lifting equipment safely.

  • Maximise SBA training output by involving as many public, private and NGO training sites as possible, provided they can provide training of adequate quality.2. Train one AA for each district hospital.

  • These two techniques aim at adding va- riety in the learning set.Thus, different methods were used to evaluate the perfor- mance of the network:• A – Cross-validation on both datasets combined.• B1 – Cross-validation within dataset D1.• B2 – Cross-validation within dataset D2.• C – Train on dataset D2 and test on dataset D1.two datasets have rather different characteristics (timbre, tuning, and number of notes in the chords) this evaluation condition is more challenging.

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Train means one or more railway vehicles hauled by one or more loco­ motives or railcars, or one railcar travelling alone, running under a given number or specific designation from an initial fixed point to a terminal fixed point, including a light engine, i.e. a locomotive travelling on its own;
Train. BusTrain Pattern" means a situation where:
Train means an engine with or without vehicles attached, or any self-propelled vehicle with or without a trailer, which cannot be readily lifted off the track;
Train means an LNG liquefaction train.
Train means a Unit Train or a Manifest Train.