Train definition

Train means one or more units of Rolling Stock coupled together, at least one of which is a locomotive or other self-propelled unit;
Train means any configuration of Rollingstock operating as a unit on Track;
Train. Bus–Train Pattern" means a situation where:

Examples of Train in a sentence

  • In default of agreement, in relation to the adequacy of such evidence, between the Train Operator and the CVL IM within 28 days after the New Working Timetable is issued reflecting the relevant CVL IM Restriction of Use, the mechanism and procedure for dispute resolution set out in paragraphs 13.2, 13.3 and 13.4 shall apply.

  • Under Model A, the CVL IM will levy an Electrification Asset Usage Charge on the Train Operator.

  • Immediately before, upon or following termination or expiry of this contract, the Train Operator shall comply or procure compliance with all reasonable directions given by the CVL IM concerning the location of the Specified Equipment.

  • Nothing in this contract shall prevent the CVL IM and the Train Operator agreeing any options for mitigating costs and disruption in respect of any Restriction(s) of Use.

  • Any such request shall specify in reasonable detail the grounds for the request and the proposed amendments to the Default Train Consist Data.

More Definitions of Train

Train means to instruct in the skills addressed to a level that the trainee has the demonstrated proficiency to implement those skills as, and when, called for in the training. “Trained” means to have achieved such proficiency.
Train means any configuration of Rollingstock operating as a unit on the Track;
Train means any configuration of rollingstock operating as a unit on the Network, Connecting Infrastructure and/or Private Infrastructure.
Train means one or more railway vehicles hauled by one or more locomotives or railcars, or one railcar travelling alone, running under a given number or specific designation from an initial fixed point to a terminal fixed point. A light engine, that is to say, a locomotive travelling on its own, is not considered to be a train;
Train means to give information and explanation to a worker with respect to a particular subject-matter and to require a practical demonstration that the worker has acquired knowledge or skill related to the subject-matter;
Train means each train operating a Service which is: (a) operated by or on behalf of Nexus pursuant to the permission to use the Route granted under this Agreement; and (b) used to provide services for the carriage of passengers by railway but excludes any and all trains making an Ancillary Movement;
Train shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Schedule 8;