Traceable definition

Traceable means the ability to relate a measurement or reading through an unbroken chain of comparisons to a national or international standard.
Traceable means the ability to relate a measurement or reading through an unbroken chain of comparisons to a known and commonly agreed standard.
Traceable means that a standard used to calibrate a device has an unbroken chain of comparisons to a stated reference (such as a standard set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology), with each comparison having a stated uncertainty

Examples of Traceable in a sentence

Traceable Calibration: The instrument shall be supplied with a master calibration assembly, which is made up of a light trap and a calibrated reflection standard.

CAISO Testing using NIST Traceable Laboratory In addition to the required manufacturer testing specified in this Section, CAISO reserves the right to require a NIST traceable laboratory test data resulting from the performance of tests as outlined in this Section.

Under the terms of this Agreement, Supplier shall have and operate a process to ensure that all Products, sub-assemblies and the components contained therein supplied to the Buyer are completely Traceable back to manufacturer by batch or lot or date code.

We also hereby undertake to provide requisite Traceable Test Certificate (from OEM/any Govt.

Calibration Certificates shall either be in the form of Traceable Certificates of conformance to an accuracy class, or actual errors determined through Calibration.

More Definitions of Traceable

Traceable means that a local standard has been compared and certified either directly or via not more than one intermediate standard, to a primary standard, such as a National Bureau of Standards Standard Reference Material (NBS SRM), or a USEPA/NBS-approved Certified Reference Material (CRM).
Traceable means that all the Products, Sub-Assemblies andComponents supplied by Supplier shall be accompanied with original authentic certificates of conformity from the manufacturer of the original Component or if not accompanying the Component delivered to the Buyer are in the possession of Supplier as specified by the Buyer’s specification.« Outils » ou« Outillage »s’entend des outils financés ou fournis par l’Acheteur.
Traceable. ’ means traceable in terms of sections 5(3) and 6;
Traceable means having the property of traceability;
Traceable means the ability of a certifier to identify all testing parties of a component part of a consumer product or a finished product, includ- ing the name and address of each test- ing party and any party that conducted testing on the component part or fin- ished product. Parties that conduct testing may include a manufacturer, a supplier, a testing laboratory, or a third party conformity assessment body. Traceability extends to the com- ponent part of the product that was tested for compliance, such that if a subassembly is tested, that sub- assembly must be traceable, not each component part of the subassembly, if those parts were not individually test- ed for other rules, bans, standards, or regulations. § 1109.5 Conditions, requirements, and effects generally.(a) Component part testing allo ed. Any party, including a component part manufacturer, a component part sup- plier, a component part certifier, or a finished product certifier, may procure component part testing as long as it complies with the requirements in this section and subparts B and C of this part. A finished product certifier may certify compliance of a consumer prod- uct with all applicable rules, bans, standards, and regulations as required by section 14(a) of the CPSA, and may ensure continued compliance of chil- dren’s products pursuant to section 14(i) of the CPSA, based, in whole or in part, on passing component part test reports or certification of one or more component parts of a consumer product if the following requirements are met: