THE AUCTIONEER. 2.1 The Auctioneer conducting the auction sale of property shall be as named in the Proclamation of Sale and/or an Auctioneer so appointed / engaged by the Auctioneer or the Auctioneer’s Company (“Licensed Auctioneer”).
THE AUCTIONEER. The Auctioneer: Clockwork Auctions Payment to Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Clockwork can be done securely and easily into our bank account. KW Clockwork Trust Account ABSA Bank Universal code: 632005 Account number 9196410095
THE AUCTIONEER. The Auctioneer: Firzt Auctioneering Payment to Firzt Realty can be done securely and easily through your bank account. Go to the pre-listed public beneficiaries section (like Eskom, CoJ, Woolworths etc) where you will locate Firzt Realty Trust Account (ends in 1904). For reference purposes use the file number and your name or the property address. In the event of uncertainty, please call our offices.
THE AUCTIONEER. 2.1 The Auctioneer conducting the Auction Sale of the Property shall be as named in the POS and / or an Auctioneer so appointed / engaged by the Auctioneer or the Auctioneer’s company (hereinafter referred to as “Auctioneer”); and


  • The Auction Agent may perform its duties and exercise its rights hereunder either directly or by or through agents or attorneys.

  • Auction The one-time auction conducted by the Trustee, as described in Section 9.01(b) hereof.

  • Removal or Replacement of a Manager Any Manager may be removed or replaced without “Cause” at any time by a majority of the Board and each Manager may be removed and or replaced and our Board can be reconstituted for any reason by the Class C Member, if any.

  • Auctions Lessee shall not conduct, nor permit to be conducted, either voluntarily or involuntarily, any auction upon the Premises without first having obtained Lessor's prior written consent. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Lease, Lessor shall not be obligated to exercise any standard of reasonableness in determining whether to grant such consent.

  • POST PUBLIC AUCTION 5.1. Any E-Bidders who successfully bids for the Property shall and undertake to sign the Memorandum of Sale and pay the difference between 10% of the purchase price and the deposit paid under clause 3.5 above (“differential sum”) must be made via local bank transfer to AMBANK (M) BERHAD in favour of EHSAN AUCTIONEERS SDN. BHD. (BIDDER DEPOSIT) Account No: 0662012000727 within 1 working days from the date of auction, failing which the deposit paid will be forfeited to the Assignee Bank and sale will be deemed cancelled/terminated and the property may be put up for subsequent auction without further notice to the said E-Bidders. The Auctioneer shall send the Memorandum of Sale for stamping and thereafter forward the same together with the deposit paid under clause 3.5 above and the differential sum paid under this clause (If any) to the Assignee Bank.

  • Request for Transfer Unless the paraeducator and both principals agree, no transfers shall be allowed during a period spanning from 14 calendar days before the first contract work day until after the 20th contract work day. A transfer will not be considered unless the paraeducator is qualified for such vacancy. All transfers shall be initiated by the receiving principal, with copies to the releasing principal or immediate supervisor and the Human Resource Services office. The principal, when making his/her decision, shall consider the following: seniority, educational qualifications, expertise and ability, prior job experience, performance evaluations, and recommendations of previous supervisors. The transfer of the paraeducator will be subject to Board approval.