The Class B Certificates Sample Clauses

The Class B Certificates. All Class B Certificates will be identical in all respects except for their designated number and denominations and will be issued and held in certificated form. All Class B Certificates issued under the Series Certificate Agreement will be equally and proportionately entitled to the benefits of the Series Certificate Agreement without preference, priority or distinction. The Class B Certificates will be in substantially the form indicated in Exhibit C.
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The Class B Certificates. All covenants and agreements made by the Depositor herein are for the benefit and security of the Certificateholders. The Depositor is entering into this Agreement, and the Trustee is accepting the trusts created hereby and thereby, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged. The principal balance of the Mortgage Loans as of the Cut-off Date is $367,239,679.55. The parties hereto intend to effect an absolute sale and assignment of the Mortgage Loans to the Trustee for the benefit of Certificateholders under this Agreement. However, the Depositor and DLJMC will hereunder absolutely assign and, as a precautionary matter grant a security interest, in and to its rights, if any, in the related Mortgage Loans to the Trustee on behalf of Certificateholders to ensure that the interest of the Certificateholders hereunder in the Mortgage Loans is fully protected.

Related to The Class B Certificates

  • Class PO Certificates Private Certificates..................................... Class P, Class B-4, Class B-5 and Class B-6 Certificates. Rating Agencies.......................................... Fitch and S&P. Regular Certificates..................................... All Classes of Certificates other than the Class A-R Certificates. Residual Certificate..................................... Class A-R Certificates.

  • Class R Certificates Subordinated Certificates.... Class M-1, Class M-2, Class M-3, Class B-1, Class B-2, Class B-3 and Class B-4 Certificates.

  • Senior Certificates Class 1-A-1, Class 1-A-2, Class 1-A-3, Class 1-A-4, Class 1-A-5, Class 1-A-6, Class 1-A-7, Class 1-A-8, Class 1-A-9, Class 1-A-10, Class 1-A-11, Class 1-A-12, Class 1-A-R, Class 30-IO and Class 30-PO Certificates.

  • LIBOR Certificates Notional Amount Certificates........... None. Notional Amount Components............. None. Offered Certificates................... All Classes of Certificates other than the Private Certificates. Physical Certificates.................. Class A-R Certificates and the Private Certificates. Planned Principal Classes.............. None.

  • Additional Certificates The Company shall have furnished to the Agents such certificate or certificates, in addition to those specifically mentioned herein, as the Agents may have reasonably requested as to the accuracy and completeness at each Representation Date of any statement in the Registration Statement or the Prospectuses or any documents filed under the Exchange Act and Canadian Securities Laws and deemed to be incorporated by reference into the Prospectuses, as to the accuracy at such Representation Date of the representations and warranties of the Company herein, as to the performance by the Company of its obligations hereunder, or as to the fulfillment of the conditions concurrent and precedent to the obligations hereunder of the Agents.

  • Original Class B Principal Balance The Original Class B Principal Balance is $12,006,549.92.

  • Other Certificates Any other certificates of approval, acceptance or compliance required by Lender from any Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over the Mortgaged Property and the Repairs.

  • Distributions on the REMIC Regular Interests (a) On each Distribution Date, the Trustee shall cause in the following order of priority, the following amounts to be distributed by REMIC 1 to REMIC 2 on account of the REMIC 1 Regular Interests or withdrawn from the Distribution Account and distributed to the holders of the Class R Certificates (in respect of the Class R-1 Interest), as the case may be:

  • The Trust Certificates The Trust Certificates shall be issued in minimum denominations of $100,000 and integral multiples thereof; provided, however, that one Trust Certificate may be issued in such denomination as required to include any residual amount. The Trust Certificates shall be executed by the Owner Trustee on behalf of the Issuer by manual or facsimile signature (which signature may be a scanned electronic version) of an authorized officer of the Owner Trustee and shall have deemed to have been validly issued when so executed and authenticated (as set forth in Section 3.03 below). Trust Certificates bearing the manual or facsimile signatures (which signature may be a scanned electronic version) of individuals who were, at the time when such signatures were affixed, authorized to sign on behalf of the Owner Trustee, shall be validly issued and binding obligations of the Issuer and entitled to the benefit of this Agreement, notwithstanding that such individuals or any of them shall have ceased to be so authorized prior to the authentication and delivery of such Trust Certificates or did not hold such offices at the date of authentication and delivery of such Trust Certificates. A transferee of a Trust Certificate shall become a Certificateholder and shall be entitled to the rights and subject to the obligations of a Certificateholder hereunder upon such transferee’s acceptance of a Trust Certificate duly registered in such transferee’s name pursuant to Section 3.04.

  • Reductions in Class Principal Balances of the Notes On each Payment Date on or prior to the Termination Date, the Class Principal Balance of each Class of Original Notes will be reduced (in each case without regard to any exchanges of Original Notes for MAC Notes), without any corresponding payment of principal, by the amount of the reduction, if any, in the Class Notional Amount of the Corresponding Class of Reference Tranche due to the allocation of Calculated Tranche Write-down Amounts to such Class of Reference Tranche on such Payment Date pursuant to Section 3.03(b) above. If on the Maturity Date or any Payment Date a Class of MAC Notes is outstanding, all Calculated Tranche Write-down Amounts that are allocable to Original Notes that were exchanged for such MAC Notes will be allocated to reduce the Class Principal Balances or Notional Principal Amounts, as applicable, of such MAC Notes in accordance with the exchange proportions applicable to the related Combination.

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