Definition of Tenant Estoppel Letter

Tenant Estoppel Letter means a letter or other certificate from a tenant certifying as to certain matters regarding such tenant's Lease, in substantially the same form as Exhibit 1.30 of this Agreement, or in the case of national or regional "credit" tenants, the form customarily used by such tenant. In any case, the form of Tenant Estoppel Letter which the particular tenant is obligated to give under its lease shall be deemed acceptable, notwithstanding any other requirement of this Agreement.
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Examples of Tenant Estoppel Letter in a sentence

Ladies/Gentlemen: With the understanding that (hereinafter referred to as the Lender) will rely upon the Tenants agreements and representations made in this Tenant Estoppel Letter in extending certain financial accommodations to the Landlord, the Tenant hereby certifies, as of the date hereof, as follows: 1.
ANNEX A Form of Shareholder Agreement ANNEX B Agreement of Merger ANNEX C Form of Tenant Estoppel Letter ANNEX D Form of Landlord Estoppel Letter AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF REORGANIZATION, dated as of October 21, 2014, between Pacific Premier Bancorp, Inc.
Seller shall use good faith efforts (but without obligation to incur any unreasonable cost or expense) to obtain and deliver to Buyer prior to Closing, a Tenant Estoppel Letter dated no more than forty-five (45) days prior to Closing and made a part hereof signed by each tenant occupying space in the Property.
Seller shall deliver each Tenant Estoppel Letter as executed by the applicable tenant as and when received by Seller rather than waiting to deliver all of such Tenant Estoppels en masse.
Buyer shall have received, no less than one (1) business day prior to the Closing Date, the fully executed Tenant Estoppel Letter substantially in the form of that attached hereto as Exhibit L and made a part hereof, not disclosing the existence of any default under the Lease.