Definition of Tenant Additions

Tenant Additions shall mean, collectively, Tenants Work and Tenant Alterations.

Examples of Tenant Additions in a sentence

Landlord, upon receipt and to the extent of the award in condemnation (or proceeds of sale) shall make necessary repairs and restorations to the Premises (exclusive of Tenant Additions) and to the Building to the extent necessary to constitute the portion of the Building not so taken or condemned as a complete architectural and economically efficient unit.
If any of the Tenant Additions which were installed by Tenant involved the lowering of ceilings, raising of floors or the installation of specialized wall or floor coverings or lights, then Tenant shall also be obligated to return such surfaces to their condition prior to the commencement of this Lease.
Tenant shall be entitled to remove such Tenant Additions which at the time of their installation Landlord and Tenant agreed may be removed by Tenant.
Tenant shall also remove such other Tenant Additions as required by Landlord, including any Tenant Additions containing Hazardous Material.
Tenant shall also reimburse Landlord for all costs and expenses incurred by Landlord in removing any of Tenant Additions and in restoring the Premises to the condition required by this Lease at the Termination Date.