Tenancy definition

Tenancy means occupancy, or a right to present occu- pancy under a rental agreement, and includes periodic tenancies and tenancies at will. The term does not include the occupancy of a dwelling unit without consent of the landlord after expiration of a lease or termination of tenancy under ch. 704, Stats.

Examples of Tenancy in a sentence

  • If the Tenancy Agreement requires the rent to be paid on a set basis (e.g. fortnightly) and less than the full amount is paid for the set rental period (in this case, fortnightly) the payment will not be applied to the rental period.

  • Your rent instalments will be due on the dates listed on your Tenancy Agreement.

  • If you want to move out before the end of your Tenancy Agreement, you will need to find a replacement student to take over your room.

  • The Tenancy Enforcement Manager began to give an overview of the case.

  • Without this we will be unable to issue your keys so please make sure it’s done! Your rent due dates can be found in your Tenancy Agreement and on the Student Portal where you can also make the payment.

More Definitions of Tenancy

Tenancy means a tenancy created either immediately or derivatively out of the freehold, whether—
Tenancy means the rights of a home owner to use a space or lot within a park on which to locate, maintain, and occupy a mobile home, lot improvements, and accessory structures for human habitation, including the use of services and facilities of the park.
Tenancy means those components of the Systems that: directly access and store Protected Information, relate to Protected Information or the Province’s tenancy activities, or are customer facing and managed by the Province in its use of the Services; and
Tenancy means the time between the commencement and the termination of this Agreement including any extensions or renewals that may have been granted to you by us.
Tenancy means an agreement under which a house is made available for human habitation, and “lease” and related expressions are to be construed accordingly,