Definition of Telerate Page 248

Telerate Page 248 means, the display page so designated on Bridge's Telerate Service (or such other page as may replace that page on that service, or such other service as may be nominated as the information vendor).

Examples of Telerate Page 248 in a sentence

Any Eurocurrency Base Rate determined on the basis of the rate displayed on Telerate Page 3740 or Telerate Page 3750 or Telerate Page 248 in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this subparagraph shall be subject to corrections, if any, made in such rate and displayed by the Associated Press-Dow Jones Telerate Service within one hour of the time when such rate is first displayed by such service.
Screen Rate means the rate shown on Telerate Page 248, or if not available, Reuters Page EURIBOR 01.
If an applicable rate does not appear on Telerate Page 248, the rate for that day will be determined on the basis of the rates at which deposits in Euros, having the applicable maturity and in a principal amount of not less than (euro)1,000,000, are offered at approximately 11:00 a.m., Brussels time, On that EURIBOR Determination Date, to prime banks in the Euro-zone interbank market by the Reference Banks.
For any Interest Period with respect to a EURIBOR Rate Loan, the rate of interest equal to (i) the rate at which Euros are offered on Moneyline Telerate Page 248 (or any successor thereto) at approximately 11:00 a.m. (Central European time) on the date that is two (2) TARGET Settlement Days preceding the first day of such Interest Period.
Each Reference Lender agrees to furnish to the Administrative Agent timely information for the purpose of determining the Index Rate in the event that no offered quotation appears on Telerate Page 248 or Telerate Page 3750, as applicable, and the Index Rate is to be determined by reference to quotations supplied by the Reference Lenders.