Definition of Telerate Page

Telerate Page means the display on Bridge Telerate, Inc., or any successor service, on the page or pages specified on the face hereof, or any replacement page or pages on that service. The "Treasury Interest Determination Date" corresponding to any Interest Reset Date means the day of the week in which such Interest Reset Date falls on which Treasury bills would normally be auctioned. If, as the result of a legal holiday, an auction is so held on the Friday in the week immediately preceding the week in which such Interest Reset Day falls, such Friday will be the corresponding Treasury Interest Determination Date. If an auction date shall fall on a day that would otherwise be an Interest Reset Date, then such Interest Reset Date shall instead be the first Business Day immediately following such auction date.

Examples of Telerate Page in a sentence

If the rate for U.S. dollar deposits having a three-month maturity that initially appears on Telerate Page 3750 as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on the related Determination Date is superseded on the Telerate Page 3750 by a corrected rate by 12:00 noon (London time) on such Determination Date, then the corrected rate as so substituted on the applicable page will be the applicable 3-Month LIBOR for such Determination Date.
Telerate Page 3750: The display page currently so designated on the Bridge Telerate Service (or such other page as may replace that page on that service for displaying comparable rates or prices).
If such rate does not appear on Telerate Page 3750, the rate for such Interest Determination Date will be determined on the basis of the offered rates of the Reference Banks for one-month United States dollar deposits, as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on such Interest Determination Date.
Federal Funds Open Rate means the rate set forth on Moneyline Telerate Page 5 for an Interest Reset Date underneath the caption FEDERAL FUNDS in the row titled OPEN.
Telerate Page 3750: The display currently so designated as "Page 3750" on the Bridge Telerate Service (or such other page selected by the Trustee as may replace Page 3750 on that service for the purpose of displaying daily comparable rates on prices).