Applicable Procedures Sample Clauses

Applicable Procedures. Notwithstanding anything else herein, the Company shall not be required to permit a transfer to a Global Note that is not permitted by the Applicable Procedures.
Applicable Procedures. The term
Applicable Procedures. Except as otherwise provided herein, the National Rules for the Resolution of Employment Disputes of the American Arbitration Association, as revised and amended as of the date one party informs the other in writing that a dispute exists shall apply to this Arbitration (the "Rules").
Applicable Procedures. The procedures set forth in Section 15 will apply to the indemnification obligations set forth in Sections 9.1 and 9.2 hereof.
Applicable Procedures. If no Restricted Global Security is then outstanding, the Company shall execute and the Trustee shall, upon receipt of a Company Order (which the Company agrees to deliver promptly), authenticate and deliver a Restricted Global Security.
Applicable Procedures. The Plan Administrator shall be responsible for establishing reasonable procedures for determining whether any domestic relations order received with respect to the Account qualifies as a QDRO and for administering distributions in accordance with the terms and conditions of a QDRO. If any domestic relations order is received with respect to the Account, the Plan Administrator shall promptly notify the Participant and each alternate payee identified in the order, and the Plan Administrator shall determine within a reasonable period after receipt of the domestic relations order whether the order qualifies as a QDRO, and notify the Participant and each alternate payee of such determination. In making any distribution to an alternate payee pursuant to the Plan Administrator’s directions under this Article 5.11, the Custodian shall be fully entitled to rely on such directions furnished by the Plan Administrator and shall be under no duty to make any inquiry or investigation with respect thereto.
Applicable Procedures. As required by Section 305 of the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Fishery Conservation and Management Act (“Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Act”), FERC must consult with NMFS if FERC’s action in issuing the New License may affect essential fish habitat (“EFH”). The relicensing of Xxxxxx-Xxxxx pursuant to this Agreement will form the action for which the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Act consultation will be performed. FERC must provide an EFH assessment to NMFS to begin EFH consultation. NMFS will provide FERC with recommended EFH conservation measures to conserve and to enhance EFH. FERC must then respond within 30 days, including a description of the measures FERC will require EWEB to take to avoid or to mitigate the effects on EFH of the action for which consultation is being performed. If FERC does not adopt the recommendations, it must provide a detailed explanation for its decision. NMFS will conduct the EFH consultation along with the ESA consultation in the interest of streamlining the consultation.
Applicable Procedures. The Applicable Procedures shall be applicable to Book-Entry Interests in the Global Notes that are held by Participants through DTC, Euroclear or Clearstream..