Definition of Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry means any and all industry sectors related to the telecommunications industry, including but not limited to: telephone, radio, television, internet, or other data (analog or digital) transmission goods and services, satellite goods and services, wired or wireless communication goods and services including local area networks and wide area networks, and any other similar goods and services.
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Examples of Telecom Industry in a sentence

Telecom Industry Rises 7.9 % to $784 Billion in 2004, February 1, 2005,
EMI format is contained in document SR-320 published by the Alliance for Telecom Industry Solutions.
The Service Company currently provides site acquisition and licensing to the Telecom Industry in Colombia.
See, e.g., Scott Shane, Attention in N.S.A. Debate Turns to Telecom Industry, N.Y. TIMES, Feb.
Research and Markets: Report on China's Telecom Industry in 2010-2012.