Definition of Telecom Industry

Telecom Industry means any and all industry sectors related to the telecommunications industry, including but not limited to: telephone, radio, television, internet, or other data (analog or digital) transmission goods and services, satellite goods and services, wired or wireless communication goods and services including local area networks and wide area networks, and any other similar goods and services.

Examples of Telecom Industry in a sentence

If Hong Kong Holdco receives notice from ZBB Energy that a third party has proposed to ZBB Energy a Commercially Feasible joint venture opportunity in the Telecom Industry within Greater China, Hong Kong Holdco will notify the Company of the same and provide a summary of the proposal as promptly as practicable.
Rochester, NY 14611 Attn: Director of Regulatory Affairs Facsimile: (716)987-3045 To NYNEX: Jacob J. Goldberg V.P. Telecom Industry Services Bell Atlantic New York 1095 Avenue of Americas 40th Floor New York, NY 10036 Attn: V.P. - Telecom Industry Services Facsimile: (212)597-2585 or to such other address as either Party shall designate by proper notice.
Both parties agree that, for the purpose of supporting Party B's development, Party A provides a RMB 170,000,000 loan (the "Loan") to Party B for the investment of Jiangsu Huaxia Huifeng Telecom Industry Park Development Co., Ltd. ("Hui Feng Park") and its subsidiaries.
Commercially Feasible" means a credible, commercially and technically feasible opportunity to qualify ZBB Products in the Telecom Industry in Greater China.