Suspend definition

Suspend or "suspension" means that the document or privilege suspended has been temporarily
Suspend means termination of a behavioral health agency's license or program specific certification to provide behavioral health treatment program service for a specified period or until specific conditions have been met and the department notifies the agency of the program's reinstatement of license or certification.
Suspend or “Suspension” means disabling access to or use of the Services or components of the Services.

Examples of Suspend in a sentence

  • If there is an Emergency Security Issue, then Seesaw may automatically Suspend any offending End User.

  • If Xxxxxx becomes aware of an End User’s violation of any of Seesaw’s End User Agreements, then Seesaw may Suspend the End User’s account in accordance with such End User Agreements, without liability to the Customer or the End User.

More Definitions of Suspend

Suspend means to suspend the continuance of an Employee’s Redeployment period in accordance with regulation 29 of the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 2014.
Suspend or "suspension" means disciplinary action by the Division removing the right to use a license for a period of time or indefinitely as indicated in the disciplinary order, with the possibility of subsequent reinstatement of the right to use the license.
Suspend means the immediate disabling of access to the Services, or components of the Services, as applicable, to prevent further use of the Services.
Suspend means to bar the use of a person's license for a period of time.
Suspend the services means that the services as contemplated herein shall be stopped on a temporary basis. This stoppage will continue until the Sponsor either decides to terminate the project or reactivate the services under the conditions then existing.
Suspend or "Suspension" means a disciplinary removal from school for less than 60 school days.
Suspend means temporary disconnection or impairment of service which shall disable either outgoing or incoming communications, or both.