Suspend definition

Suspend or "suspension" means that the document or privilege suspended has been temporarily
Suspend or “Suspension” means disabling access to or use of the Services or components of the Services.
Suspend means termination of a behavioral health agency's license or program specific certification to provide behavioral health treatment program service for a specified period or until specific conditions have been met and the department notifies the agency of the program's reinstatement of license or certification.

Examples of Suspend in a sentence

  • Executive Committee Business 3.1 Motion – Suspend Standing Orders Proposed: That this Assembly suspends Standing Order 10(2) and Standing Order 10(6) for Monday 1 October 2001.

  • Navigate to WooCommerce 🡪 Subscription and choose the subscription in question.Click Suspend under the green “Active” status to change it to On hold.

  • Notice of the student's or parent/guardian's obligation to inform any new district in which the student seeks to enroll of the student's status with the expelling district, pursuant to Education Code 48915.1 (Education Code 48918) Decision to Suspend Expulsion Order ***Note: Pursuant to Education Code 48917, the Board's criteria for suspending the enforcement of expulsions must be applied uniformly to all students.

  • Declare the agreement to be in default and require that all the improvements be installed regardless to the extent of the building development at the time the agreement is declared to be in default.B. Suspend map approval until the improvements are completed and record a document to that effect for the purpose of public notice.

  • If the default remains after CONTRACTOR has been provided the opportunity to cure, the CITY may do one or more of the following: (1) Exercise any remedy provided by law; (2) Terminate this Contract and any related contracts or portions thereof; (3) Impose liquidated damages, if liquidated damages are listed in the Contract; or (4) Suspend CONTRACTOR from receiving future solicitations.

More Definitions of Suspend

Suspend or "suspension" means disciplinary action by the Division removing the right to use a license for a period of time or indefinitely as indicated in the disciplinary order, with the possibility of subsequent reinstatement of the right to use the license.
Suspend means to take action against a license rendering such license without force and effect for a period of time as determined by the state board of pharmacy.
Suspend means the immediate disabling of access to the Services, or components of the Services, as applicable, to prevent further use of the Services.
Suspend the services means that the services as contemplated herein shall be stopped on a temporary basis. This stoppage will continue until the Sponsor either decides to terminate the project or reactivate the services under the conditions then existing.
Suspend means to render a license issued under Iowa Code chapter 137C, 137D, or 137F invalid for a period of time, with the intent of resuming the validity of a license at the end of that period.
Suspend means temporary disconnection or impairment of service which shall disable either outgoing or incoming communications, or both.