Restrict definition

Restrict means taking a disciplinary action that alters the

Examples of Restrict in a sentence

  • Security: Restrict access of all persons entering Owner’s property in connection with the work to the access route and to the actual site of the work.

  • Restrict access to users based on their Organization assignment!C.

  • Restrict access to only those individuals who possess the necessary security clearance and who are actually providing services under the contract.

  • Lubanga, “Judgment on the Prosecutor’s appeal against the decision of Pre-Trial Chamber I entitled ‘Decision Establishing General Principles Governing Applications to Restrict Disclosure pursuant to Rule 81(2) and (4) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence’”, ICC-01/04-01/06-568, 13 October 2006 at paras 34-36; see also Appeals Chamber, Prosecutorv.

  • Restrict known cases of athlete’s foot from pools and showers until under treatment.Rubella (3-day, German Measles)*14-21 daysThe student may attend school after a minimum of four days.

More Definitions of Restrict

Restrict means to limit the activities of a food employee so that there is no risk of transmitting a disease that is transmissible through food and the food employee does not work with exposed food, clean equipment, utensils, linens, or unwrapped single-service or single-use articles.
Restrict means a disciplinary action that is taken by the
Restrict means to impose conditions and requirements upon the license holder, and to limit the scope of the licensee’s practice.
Restrict means to preclude a certificate holder from engaging in a particular conduct or activity, to impose conditions on the manner in which such conduct or activity may be performed, or to require the certificate holder to abide by specific conditions in order to continue functioning under the holder's certificate.
Restrict means taking a disciplinary action that alters the physician's practice or professional activities if the board determines that there is evidence that the physician is or may be medically incompetent or guilty of unprofessional conduct.
Restrict means to limit, confine, abridge, narrow, or restrain a license or registration for a term and under conditions determined by the board.
Restrict means to physically reduce the flow of water.