Restrict definition

Restrict means taking a disciplinary action that alters the
Restrict or "restriction" means disciplinary action qualifying or limiting the scope of a license:
Restrict means to limit the activities of a food employee so that there is no risk of transmitting a disease that is transmissible through food and the food employee does not work with exposed food, clean equipment, utensils, linens, or unwrapped single-service or single-use articles.

Examples of Restrict in a sentence

  • Restrict or narrow conditions under which interfering behaviors occur;6.

  • Restrict network connections between trusted and untrusted networks by physically or logically isolating systems from unsolicited and unauthenticated network traffic.

  • Restrict use of noisemaking tools and equipment to hours that will minimize complaints from persons or firms near Project site.

  • Restrict unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information, such as, names and addresses.

  • Restrict the number of key personnel who have access to credit information.

More Definitions of Restrict

Restrict means to impose conditions and requirements upon the license holder, and to limit the scope of the licensee’s practice.
Restrict means having the ability to Digitally Sign within an Electronic Workspace removed. A Subscriber can still access the XXXX System.
Restrict means a disciplinary action that is taken by the
Restrict means to preclude a certificate holder from engaging in a particular conduct or activity, to impose conditions on the manner in which such conduct or activity may be performed, or to require the certificate holder to abide by specific conditions in order to continue functioning under the holder's certificate.
Restrict means taking a disciplinary action that alters the physician's practice or professional activities if the board determines that there is evidence that the physician is or may be medically incompetent or guilty of unprofessional conduct.
Restrict means to limit, confine, abridge, narrow, or restrain a license or registration for a term and under conditions determined by the board.
Restrict means to physically reduce the flow of water.