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Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.19.1.
Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.20.1.
Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.19(a).

Examples of Modify in a sentence

Modify settings such as printer name and shared printer configuration, as necessary.

Navigate to the directory of [Install_Dir]/tomcat/bin, where [Install_Dir] is the installation directory for Managed File Transfer.2. Edit the file named Modify the following line in the file:JAVA_OPTS='-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Djava.awt.headless=true'4.

Modify the thermocycler PCR program recommended by the library preparation kit or polymerase of choice with a 5-minute final extension step.

Select AllStart > Payloads.The AllStart Payloads table appears.2. Click to highlight a payload.3. Click Modify at the bottom.The Modify AllStart Payload table appears.4. Modify in the following fields as desired:■ Payload Name.

Approval to Adopt and Waive the Second Reading of Ordinance C.S. 1195 Amending Section 9.16 “Milk Regulations” to Modify and Update Requirements in Dairy Activities in Stanislaus County (View Item) * 3.

More Definitions of Modify

Modify means to make a modification or cause a modification to
Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.1.2(a).
Modify means to construct, alter, repair, add to, subtract from,
Modify means agree to, cause, make, or permit any Modification.
Modify means to renovate, remodel, expand in size or otherwise change a structure that is not damaged or destroyed.
Modify or “modification” means any physical change, or change in the method of operation of existing equipment or control apparatus, that increases the amount of actual emission of any air contaminant emitted by that equipment or control apparatus or that results in the emission of any air contaminant not previously emitted. This term shall not include normal repair and maintenance.
Modify are defined in Section 2.18(a).