Modify definition

Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.20.1.
Modify are defined in Section 2.19(a).
Modify means to make a modification or cause a modification to

Examples of Modify in a sentence

  • Modify the conceptual design as necessary and agree on a project's conceptual design, purpose and effectiveness based on the information developed during this phase.

  • Modify Record of Survey per Caltrans/Epic Land Review 1 284 284 AE $28,015 E.

  • Subject to clause 6.3, the Landholder grants to the Trustee a non-exclusive licence to Modify the Landholder Infrastructure at the Trustee’s own cost and risk for the purpose of undertaking the Works for the Extension but only to the extent that the Modifications are project managed by the Project Manager under, and in accordance with, the Project Management Agreement, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  • Modify, implement and maintain web based information systems and links.

More Definitions of Modify

Modify and “Modification” - see Section 2.16.1.
Modify and “Modification” are defined in Section 2.1.2(a).
Modify and “Modification” – see Section 3.1.
Modify means agree to, cause, make, or permit any Modification.
Modify means to renovate, remodel, expand in size or otherwise change a structure that is not damaged or destroyed.
Modify and “Modification” have the respective meanings specified in Section 2.16(a).
Modify means to substantially change the design or