Alter definition

Alter means to extend a dam or works beyond maintenance in its original condition, including changes which may increase or diminish the flow or storage of surface water which may affect the safety of such dam or works [Section 373.403(7), F.S.]. Routine custodial maintenance and repairs shall not constitute alterations.
Alter means any action affecting the structure, appearance or physical properties of a place or object, whether by way of structural or other works, by painting, plastering or other decoration or any other means.

Examples of Alter in a sentence

  • Robert Alter, , The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with Commentary(New York and London: W.

  • In the EU case, arguments abound about path dependency (Pierson 1996; Ackrill and Kay 2006; Sverdrup 2002; Holzinger and Knill 2002), bureaucratic overreach (Heisenberg and Richmond 2002: 204j Alter 1998: 131), and reinforcing loops between EU institutions and their environ- ments (Sandholtz and Stone Sweet 1998j Bulmer 1998: 373).

  • Tax data provided by Strategic Development Director Chris Baird show falls in tax collections, including sales tax, while Visa Destination Insights data accessed by Economic Development Specialist Ben Alter show that, despite a strong start to 2022, visitor spending is overall down in comparison to 2021.

  • See, for example, in recent years, most variant approaches to literary study of the Psalms in Hague (1995); Hunter (1999); Haney (2002); Alter (2009).

  • Deposit to King County –Tanya Alter sent in the check for the recent Get Active Stay Active grant from King County.

More Definitions of Alter

Alter means to change in any manner and includes to restore, renovate, repair or disturb and “alteration” has a corresponding meaning;
Alter means when used in reference to a building or part thereof, to change any one or more of the internal or external dimensions of such building, or to change the type of construction of the exterior walls or roof thereof. When used in reference to a lot, the word "alter" means to decrease the width, depth or area thereof of any required yard, setback, landscaped open space or parking area, or to change the location of any boundary of such lot with respect to a public highway or laneway, whether such alteration is made by conveyance or alienation of any portion of said lot, or otherwise. The words "altered" and "alteration" shall have a corresponding meaning.
Alter means to make change, structurally or otherwise, to a building or structure which is not for purposes of maintenance only;
Alter or “Alteration” means the same as section 3718.01 (A) of the Revised Code. For the purposes of this chapter, the terms "alter" or "alteration" shall include, but not be limited to a change in the nature of influent waste strength; a change in system components; an expansion of the treatment or dispersal system, and may include a change in the volume of the daily design flow.