Supplying definition

Supplying means selling, transferring, or delivering to a patient or a patient’s agent one or more doses of: A nonprescription drug in the manufacturer’s original container for subsequent use by the patient, or
Supplying means selling, transferring, or delivering to a patient or a patient’s agent one or more doses of:
Supplying has the meaning given to those terms in Section 2.

Examples of Supplying in a sentence

  • Supplying required number of operation & maintenance manual for the goods.

  • No. Supplying /fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of the following 1.

  • Supplying these numbers could result in action to require CONTRACTOR to file state tax returns and pay delinquent state tax liabilities.

  • Supplying required number of operations and maintenance manual for the goods.

  • Sign/ Seal by the Supplying firm WitnessSign/ Seal by Procuring Agency1.

More Definitions of Supplying

Supplying. : shall mean selling, marketing, lending, delivering, giving, sending any product or service to others for free, in return of a pay off, or in exchange for a product or a service.
Supplying in QR - A means bidder should have delivered the Fabricated structures. Bidder shall submit the relevant documents against the above PQRs inclusive of Purchase order (wherein PO no., date, etc. is legible) along with proof of supply (i.e. - Completion Certificate/ Copy of Invoices / LR Copies/ Store Receipt Vouchers/ Payment Advice etc.) in the respective attachments in their offer in support of PQR. The word ‘Contract’ referred in Technical PQR may be Rate contract/Framework Agreement/Purchase Order/Work Order.
Supplying means (a) selling the food; (b) offering, keeping or exhibiting the food for sale; (c) exchanging or disposing of the food for consideration; or (d) for commercial purposes, giving the food as a prize or making a gift of the food.
Supplying or "supplies" means contractually responsible for a basic component used or to be used in a facility or activity which is subject to this rule.
Supplying means all activities of providing, selling or donating veterinary medicinal products to the persons referred to in Article 101(2) of Regulation (EU) 2019/6;
Supplying mentioned above means fully executed and completed.