Sponsoring Registrar definition

Sponsoring Registrar means the accredited registrar for which a domain name is registered with
Sponsoring Registrar is the Accredited Registrar for which a domain name is registered with.

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The Registrant shall maintain, update, and keep the Registrant Information true, current, complete, accurate, and reliable by immediately making such changes in their account at the Sponsoring Registrar.

The RSP shall assist, when requested by TUCOWS, in the facilitation of transfers of SLD registrations from another registrar to TUCOWS and vice versa pursuant to Appendix B of NSI's policy on Changes in Sponsoring Registrar by Customers as found at http://www.opensrs.org/NSIRLA-110499.pdf.

Each domain object includes the following data: Domain ID Domain Name Sponsoring Registrar Domain Status All contact information (including all details) with at least one each of: • Registrant • Administrative • Technical • Billing All nameservers associated with this domain Domain Registration Date Domain Expiration Date Domain Last Updated Date Format The format for the above files shall be as specified by ICANN, after consultation with Registry Operator.

Contact ID Contact Name Contact Organization Contact Address, City, State/Province, Country + 3 street fields Contact Postal Code Contact Phone, Fax (if available), E-mail Create Date Contact Last Updated Date Currently Associated Contact Status Additional fields (Registry Operator specified) Sponsoring Registrar (IANA-assigned identifier) Registrar Record: A WHOIS query that results in registrar information will return the following.

Address: 100 ELM STREET City: ANYTOWN State: ANYSTATE Country: UK Postal Code: GU1 Phone Number: +44-12-345-6789 Facsimile Number +44-98-765-4321 E-mail: JDOE@BILLING.XXX Status: Active Sponsoring Registrar: XYZ Registrar, Inc.

To the extent allowed under mandatory law, the .ASIA Registry’s liability for damages shall in any case be limited to the corresponding application fee collected by the .ASIA Registry for the relevant application (that is, the fees collected from the Sponsoring Registrar by the .ASIA Registry for the submission of the corresponding application, not including auction fees).

Domain Record: Input: WHOIS "domain = billing.xxx" Output: Domain ID: AAA-0001 Domain Name: BILLING.XXX Sponsoring Registrar: XYZ Registrar, Inc.

Sponsoring Registrar: The entity authorised by the registrant to register and manage the domain.

Unless otherwise provided by resolution of the Board, the shares of the Corporation shall be represented by certificates.

During verification, if it appears to the Verification Agent that an application contains a possibly unintentional error, the Verification Agent may either directly, through the .ASIA Registry, or the corresponding Sponsoring Registrar, request an amendment, clarification or correction from an Applicant.

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Transfer Agent and Registrar shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(e) hereof.
Share Registrar means Banco Bradesco S.A. or any other institution organized under the laws of Brazil appointed by the Company to carry out the duties of registrar for the Shares, and any successor thereto.
Paying Agent/Registrar means the paying agent and registrar appointed pursuant to Section 5 of this Twenty-Second Supplement, or any successor to such agent.
Rights Registrar shall have the meanings specified in Section 6.
Paying Agent/Registrar means initially the Trustee, or any successor thereto as provided in this Indenture.
Trust Registrar have the meanings stated in Section 3.2 of the Trust Agreement.
State registrar means the state registrar of vital records appointed under Subsection (2)(e).
Deputy Registrar means the Deputy Registrar elected by the Court in accordance with article 43, paragraph 4, of the Statute;
Register and Registrar Mean the register maintained and the registrar appointed pursuant to Sections 3.04 and 7.12.
Certificate Registrar The register maintained and registrar appointed pursuant to Section 5.03(a).
Registrar means the Depositary or any bank or trust company having an office in the Borough of Manhattan, The City of New York, which shall be appointed by the Depositary to register issuances, transfers and cancellations of ADSs as herein provided, and shall include any co-registrar appointed by the Depositary for such purposes. Registrars (other than the Depositary) may be removed and substitutes appointed by the Depositary. Each Registrar (other than the Depositary) appointed pursuant to the Deposit Agreement shall be required to give notice in writing to the Depositary accepting such appointment and agreeing to be bound by the applicable terms of the Deposit Agreement.
Securities Registrar have the respective meanings specified in Section 3.5.
Security Registrar have the respective meanings specified in Section 305.
Registrar Agreement means the Bond Registrar Agreement between the County and the Bond Registrar, as it may be modified from the form on file with the Council Clerk and signed by the County Executive and the Fiscal Officer in accordance with Section 4.
Note Registrar shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.05(a).
Bond Registrar or "Registrar" shall mean the bank or trust company designated as such by Supplemental Indenture with respect to a Series of Bonds for the purpose of maintaining the registry of the Issuer reflecting the names, addresses, and other identifying information of Owners of Bonds of such Series.
Authenticating Agents As defined in Section 9.10.
Administrative Trustees shall have the meaning set forth in the Trust Agreement.
Administrative Trustee means each of the Persons identified as an “Administrative Trustee” in the preamble to this Trust Agreement, solely in each such Person’s capacity as Administrative Trustee of the Trust and not in such Person’s individual capacity, or any successor Administrative Trustee appointed as herein provided.
Debenture Registrar shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.7(b).
Depositary means, with respect to the Notes issuable or issued in whole or in part in global form, the Person specified in Section 2.03 hereof as the Depositary with respect to the Notes, and any and all successors thereto appointed as depositary hereunder and having become such pursuant to the applicable provision of this Indenture.
Registrar and Transfer Agent means the registrar and transfer agent of the Partnership appointed by the General Partner, the initial registrar and transfer agent being Valiant.
the Registrar means the Registrar of Companies of the State in which the office of the Company is for the time being situated.
Sponsoring entity means a nonprofit corporation, nonprofit cooperative, state governmental entity, local unit of government as defined in ORS 466.706, housing authority or any other person, provided that the person has agreed to restrictive covenants imposed by a nonprofit corporation, nonprofit cooperative, state governmental entity, local unit of government or housing authority.
Authentication Agent means an institution, reasonably acceptable to the Company, appointed by the Trustee to authenticate the Notes.
and "Certificate Registrar The register maintained and the registrar appointed pursuant to Section 5.02.