Serviced Land definition

Serviced Land means the Affordable Housing Land after the Affordable Housing Land Proprietor has:
Serviced Land means Land with services installed to the property line.
Serviced Land means land on which all infrastructural works, including those relating to roads, walls, drains, landscaping and utility services, have been completed;

Examples of Serviced Land in a sentence

  • The affordable housing should be transferred to an RP on the following basis: • Serviced Land (to the site boundary) should be transferred to an RP at nil value to enable the RP to build the affordable housing.

  • The approach adopted by the Council is the Free Serviced Land Equivalent (FSLE) approach.

  • Free Serviced Land should be taken to mean nil cost, non contaminated or decontaminated land, with access and all appropriate services provided to the required number of plots.

  • Approve the draft customer contract provided at Appendix D to this Draft Report, subject to some minor revisions and addressing an issue relating to Clause 14.5. Serviced Land 1.

  • Integrated Serviced Land Project: A Special Integrated Presidential Project.

More Definitions of Serviced Land

Serviced Land means land in respect of which—
Serviced Land means land, whether identified by individual title or by locality, that we will permit to be connected to our Infrastructure. Sewage means the waste matter which passes through sewers and includes Trade Waste. Sewerage Infrastructure means any Infrastructure that is, or is to be, used for:
Serviced Land means a description of land, whether identified by individual title or by locality, that TasWater will permit to be connected to its water infrastructure or sewerage infrastructure. Its boundaries will be dynamic and may move as the capacity of the system evolves.
Serviced Land means land that has been serviced with municipal sewer and/or water services.
Serviced Land means land referred to in section 56U(1)(b);
Serviced Land means an area of land which has vehicular and pedestrian access completed to an adoptable standard which is connected to an adoptable highway with foul and surface water sewers connected to adoptable sewers and with pipes and cables which are connected to mains services so as to be suitable for the supply of gas water electricity and telephone (consisting of the provision of ducting from a suitable telecommunications distribution point up to the boundary of the School Land to facilitate the provision of broadband)
Serviced Land means the Mains Farm Affordable Housing Land that is ready for development, and which land benefits from the availability of utility service connections (either within or adjacent to the said land, in which case the benefit of all necessary rights to connect to such services shall also be provided) and an access point or points ex adverso the boundaries of the land in question and a route of vehicular and pedestrian access is available;