Developed Land definition

Developed Land means land that has been subject to Development or a Subdivision prior to the date this Bylaw comes into force, and in respect of which off-site levies for the same infrastructure have been paid;
Developed Land means land where there exists any physical improvement in the nature of road development services, water, electricity, drainage, building, structure or such improvement that may enhance the value of the land for industrial, agricultural or residential purposes;

Examples of Developed Land in a sentence

Developed Land is a combination of the NRI land cover/use categories large urban and built-up areas, small lbuilt-up areas and rural transportation land.

The definition of Previously Developed Land (PDL) is included in the glossary of the NPPF.

The re-use of Previously Developed Land (PDL) is consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Developed Land - means a parcel altered from a natural state by the addition of impervious area.

The Core Strategy sought to make the best use of Previously Developed Land (PDL) predominately in Chelmsford’s Urban Area.

More Definitions of Developed Land

Developed Land means non-vacant land that is likely to be redeveloped during the planning period.
Developed Land means any mapped, non-federal property that is:
Developed Land means land improved by the construction of a building or other facility reasonably capable of being used.
Developed Land means any land of the Corporation upon which a building has been erected;
Developed Land means property altered from a natural state by construction or installation of more than two hundred (200) square feet of impervious surfaces as defined in this chapter. Impervious area installed by a public utility within an easement on an undeveloped parcel does not count against the total impervious area on that parcel.