proper officer definition

proper officer. (“swyddog priodol”) means an officer of that council within the meaning of section 270(3) of the Local Government Act 1972; and
proper officer means an officer appointed by the authority for the purposes of the provisions in this Part.
proper officer means a consular officer appointed by Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and, in relation to a port in a country outside the United Kingdom which is not a foreign country, also any officer exercising in that port functions similar to those of a superintendent;

Examples of proper officer in a sentence

  • An extraordinary meeting may be called by the Chairman of the Committee or by the Proper Officer if he/she considers it is necessary or appropriate.

  • Ten working days’ notice of the item should be given to the Proper Officer together with sufficient information to enable the Officer to advise about the nature and purpose of the item.

  • A question may only be asked if notice has been given by delivering it in writing or by electronic mail to the Proper Officer no later than midday, five working days before the day of the meeting.

  • The Proper Officer shall inform the Member or Officer, if necessary in writing, giving at least five working days’ notice of the meeting at which he or she is required to attend (unless agreed otherwise).

  • The Proper Officer shall be responsible for setting a new date to re-convene the meeting in order to conclude the original agenda as soon as possible.

More Definitions of proper officer

proper officer or “Proper Officers” means those officers authorized by the Board to act on behalf of the Company.
proper officer means the person designated as such and for the purpose specified by the Council
proper officer means the officer designated by the Central Government to be the proper officer at the port or place and in respect of the matter to which reference is made in the provision of this Act in which the expression occurs;
proper officer means the Commissioner and such other officer as may be authorised by him to impress stamps or to issue stamp certificates;
proper officer means the officer having the power under the Act to make an order that the whole or any part of the state tax is refundable;
proper officer means an officer to be ascertained as follows:
proper officer means the officer of a reciprocating state who is authorised to manage the estates or affairs of persons who are lacking in capacity to manage their own affairs by reason of senility, disease, illness, consumption of alcohol or other drugs, or physical or mental infirmity, and includes, in respect of any State (other than Queensland and New South Wales), the Northern Territory and New Zealand, the public trustee in and for such State, Territory or country and, in respect of the State of New South Wales, the Protective Commissioner and also includes in respect of any reciprocating state the holder of such office as the Governor in Council by a regulation declares to be an office the holder of which is a proper officer in respect of such reciprocating state.