proper officer definition

proper officer. (“swyddog priodol”) means an officer of that council within the meaning of section 270(3) of the Local Government Act 1972; and
proper officer means an officer appointed by the authority for the purposes of the provisions in this Part.
proper officer or “Proper Officers” means those officers authorized by the Board to act on behalf of the Company.

Examples of proper officer in a sentence

  • The Developer shall bear the full cost of such testing and give to the Proper Officer, at no expense to the Council, copies of all material testing certificates.

  • A Schedule of Joint Meetings shall be agreed annually by each Council and additional meetings may be called in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 4.2. The Director for Communities shall be the Proper Officer for the signing of documents relating to the calling of meetings.

  • THE COMMON SEAL of BRIDGEND ) COUNTY BOROUGH COUNCIL was ) hereunto affixed in the presence of:- ) Mayor Authorised Signatory THE COMMON SEAL of THE CITY AND ) COUNTY OF SWANSEA COUNCIL was ) hereunto affixed in the presence of:- ) Designation: THE COMMON SEAL of NEATH PORT ) TALBOT COUNCIL was ) hereunto affixed in the presence of:- ) Proper Officer SCHEDULE 1 INTEGRATED SERVICE A detailed Integrated Service Specification is attached at Annex 1 of this Schedule 1.

  • If the Proper Officer determines that technical advice is required before any feature or structure included as part of the Works or that is under or over the Road can be approved, the Developer shall reimburse to the Council, within 20 Working Days following receipt of an invoice, all costs incurred by the Council in obtaining such technical advice.

  • Without prejudice to any remedy of the Council, the Proper Officer may at any time, exercising absolute discretion grant an extension of time to complete the Works for a further period or periods by giving written notice to the Developer.

More Definitions of proper officer

proper officer means the Commissioner and such other officer as may be authorised by him to impress stamps or to issue stamp certificates;
proper officer means the person designated as such and for the purpose specified by the Council
proper officer means a consular officer appointed by Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and, in relation to a port in a country outside the United Kingdom which is not a foreign country, also any officer exercising in that port functions similar to those of a superintendent;
proper officer means the officer designated by the Central Government to be the proper officer at the port or place and in respect of the matter to which reference is made in the provision of this Act in which the expression occurs;
proper officer means any officer whose right or duty it is to require the performance of, or to perform, the acts referred to in this Act;
proper officer means the officer having the power under the Act to make an order that the whole or any part of the state tax is refundable;
proper officer means an officer to be ascertained as follows: