Definition of Second Lien Enforcement Date

Second Lien Enforcement Date means the date which is 270 days following the date upon which the First Lien Agent receives a notice from the Second Lien Agent certifying that (a) an Event of Default (under and as defined in any Second Lien Financing Agreement) has occurred and is continuing; and (b) Second Lien Claimholders holding the requisite amount of Second Lien Obligations necessary to declare the Second Lien Obligations to be due and payable (or the Second Lien Agent on their behalf) have declared the Second Lien Obligations to be due and payable prior to their stated maturity in accordance with any Second Lien Financing Agreement; provided that the Second Lien Enforcement Date shall be stayed (automatically and without need of any further action by any Person) and shall not occur and shall be deemed not to have occurred (i) at any time the First Lien Agent or any other First Lien Claimholder has commenced, and is diligently pursuing, any enforcement action with