law enforcement definition

law enforcement means the prevention, detection or investigation of terrorist offences or other serious criminal offences;
law enforcement means the public office which is vested by law with the duty to maintain public order, make arrests for crimes and investigate criminal acts, whether that duty extends to all crimes or is limited to specific crimes.

Examples of law enforcement in a sentence

  • Policing smarter through IT: Learning from Chicago's Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR) system.

  • Law Enforcement Division (04)6 0 10,915,432 3,013,837 0 0 13,929,269 0 10,097,260 2,520,178 0 0 12,617,4387 3.

  • The Franklin County Commissioners hereby authorizes the County Administrator pursuant to section 305.30 of the Ohio Resolution authorizing the acceptance of an Ohio Attorney General Law Enforcement Diversion Program Grant for the Franklin County Heroin Overdose Prevention & Education (HOPE) Task Force (Sheriff) ($54,450) Revised Code to sign the grant agreement and any future Memorandums of Understanding with Task Force law enforcement agencies on their behalf.

  • From the search results, the authors found, first, Nazarullah Gilang Perdana's thesis entitled Review of Law Enforcement Against Child Prostitution Practices in Medan City.8 Second, Eddy Rifai's research entitled Criminological Review of Child Prostitution in Bandar Lampung.9 Fourth, Ristia Ika Asnia's research entitled Optimizing Criminal Liability for Users of Child Prostitution Services.10Based on the description above, this research is different from previous studies with a similar theme.

  • Acceptance of the Ohio Attorney General Law Enforcement Diversion Program Grant to augment the Franklin County HOPE Task Force in the amount of $54,450 is hereby authorized.

More Definitions of law enforcement

law enforcement means any person employed by the State of Wisconsin or any political subdivision of this state, for the purpose of detecting and preventing crime and enforcing laws or ordinances and who is authorized to make arrests for violations of the laws or ordinances he or she is employed to enforce.
law enforcement means a member of a police force or other agency or department of the State, county or city regularly employed as such and who is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of the criminal laws of Iowa and all individuals, as determined by the Iowa Law Enforcement academy council, who by the nature of their duties may be required to perform the duties of a peace officer.
law enforcement means the Ulster County Sheriff and the Deputies who work under the Sheriff, and members or officers of any City, Town, or Village
law enforcement means any of the following: