law enforcement definition

law enforcement means the prevention, detection or investigation of terrorist offences or other serious criminal offences;
law enforcement means activities carried out by law enforcement authorities or on their behalf for the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties, including the safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to public security;
law enforcement means the public office which is vested by law with the duty to maintain public order, make arrests for crimes and investigate criminal acts, whether that duty extends to all crimes or is limited to specific crimes.

Examples of law enforcement in a sentence

  • Law enforcement questioned Goncalves-Santos at the Park Avenue address on February 1, 2010, when executing the search warrant.

  • Law enforcement training related to racism and xenophobia, and citizens’ rights more generally, must be an essential component of an EU culture of security.

  • Law enforcement officials may request security camera recordings if they are investigating an incident involving an FMD-operated building or property, a state building or property, or an incident nearby where the alleged perpetrators or incident might have been caught by installed security cameras.

  • Law enforcement officers shall conduct their life in a manner that will inspire confidence and trust.

  • Law enforcement officials, including Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and members of the Harris County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council attended the ribbon cutting and dedication, praising the program for decriminalizing mental illness while saving the public money.

More Definitions of law enforcement

law enforcement means a member of a police force or other agency or department of the State, county or city regularly employed as such and who is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the enforcement of the criminal laws of Iowa and all individuals, as determined by the Iowa Law Enforcement academy council, who by the nature of their duties may be required to perform the duties of a peace officer.
law enforcement means any person employed by the State of Wisconsin or any political subdivision of this state, for the purpose of detecting and preventing crime and enforcing laws or ordinances and who is authorized to make arrests for violations of the laws or ordinances he or she is employed to enforce.
law enforcement means the activities of the federal, state and local agencies responsible for maintaining public order and enforcing the law.
law enforcement means any of the following:
law enforcement means any action taken for the purpose of enforcing an enactment, including
law enforcement means the Ulster County Sheriff and the Deputies who work under the Sheriff, and members or officers of any City, Town, or Village