Notice of Charges definition

Notice of Charges means a notice sent by the Compliance Department pursuant to Rule 607.
Notice of Charges means a notice sent by the Compliance Department pursuant to Rule 807
Notice of Charges means a notice of charges and of hearing setting forth the allegations of unsafe or unsound practices or violations and fixing the time and place of the hearing issued under section 8(b) of the Act (12 U.S.C. 1818(b)).

Examples of Notice of Charges in a sentence

  • The Division may incorporate the Memorandum of Assessment of Civil Penalty with a Notice of Charges which may be issued attendant thereto.

  • If a respondent has timely filed an answer to the Notice of Charges in accordance with Rule 609, the respondent is entitled to attend and participate in the hearing.

  • If a respondent fails to file an answer but appears at the hearing, the respondent may not participate in the hearing (by calling or cross examining witnesses, testifying in defense, presenting evidence concerning the Notice of Charges, or otherwise) unless the Disciplinary Panel determines that the respondent had a compelling reason for failing to timely file an answer.

  • If during any disciplinary proceedings the Disciplinary Panel determines that a reasonable basis exists to believe that the respondent violated or is about to violate a BSEF Rule or a provision of Applicable Law other than the violations alleged in the Notice of Charges, the Disciplinary Panel may consider those apparent violations after providing the respondent with an opportunity to answer the additional allegations in accordance with Rule 609.

  • Civil Penalties may also be initiated and assessed by the Board during consideration of any Notice of Charges.

  • Service of Notice of Charges Any Notice of Charges or other documents contemplated to be served pursuant to this Chapter 6 may be served (and service shall be deemed complete) upon the respondent either personally or by leaving the same at his or her place of business, or by tracked delivery via reputable overnight courier, or by deposit in the United States mail, postage prepaid, via registered or certified mail addressed to the respondent at the address as it appears on the books and records of BSEF.

  • Any allegation in a Notice of Charges that the respondent fails to expressly deny will be deemed to be admitted.

  • Any failure by the respondent to timely serve an answer to a Notice of Charges will be deemed to be an admission to the allegations in such notice.

  • Any failure by the respondent to answer one or more allegations in a Notice of Charges will be deemed to be an admission of that allegation or those allegations.

  • Disciplinary Panel (a) The Disciplinary Panel is responsible for adjudicating disciplinary cases pursuant to a Notice of Charges authorized by the Chief Compliance Officer.

More Definitions of Notice of Charges

Notice of Charges means the notice required by § 8.11.
Notice of Charges means a complaint filed by the Department initiating an Administrative Hearing proceeding against a Recipient under this Part.
Notice of Charges means the pleading that commences an adjudication proceeding, as described in § 1081.200 of this part.
Notice of Charges means a written order so titled, which is issued by the Finance Board to a respondent, and that describes the alleged violations with sufficient specificity to put the respondent on notice of the nature and scope of the charges being brought against the respondent pursuant to this part.

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