DDO definition

DDO means Direct Demanding Officer in Rate Contracts"DDO" means Direct Demanding Officer in Rate Contracts

Examples of DDO in a sentence

  • Sonsodo withSanguem DDO Powers and additional charge Veterinary Dispensary, Shiroda.9. Dr. Saurabh Morajkar, Veterinary Veterinary Dispensary, Veterinary Dispensary,Officer (on contract) Netravali Sanguem with additional charge of Veterinary Dispensary, Netravali.

  • Further, the data contained in DDO master table was incomplete and incorrect.

  • Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic and the fiscal impact of the measures to address the emergency are likely to jeopardize the Cat DDO reform program that could otherwise proceed on schedule and in accordance with the agreed policy agenda.

  • DDO 125 (MV 5 215.57) is detected easily in H I and GALEX near- and far- ultraviolet16, but is disjoint from the main H I complex and, lying 31 kpc to the south of NGC 4449B, is uninvolved with the dwarf.Assuming that the orbit plane is roughly perpendicular to our sightline(based on the S morphology), we find a timescale of 108 yr to traverse 9 kpc at 100 km s21, in good agreement with the simulation timescale.

  • Despite the instructions of FD from time to time, the latest being in June 2001 that Government money should not be kept in the form of Bank Drafts, Deposit at Call Receipts or in Bank Accounts as it affected the ways and means position of the Government, the DDO, FD in disregard of their own instructions kept Rs.7.79 lakh in the form of bank drafts as of March 2005.

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DDO means the Business Depot Ogden (formerly known as the Defense Distribution Depot) that is a business park located in Ogden, Utah, owned by the Department of Defense, but operated and/or managed by Ogden City and/or Boyder BDO, LLC on the Effective Date.
DDO means Direct Demanding Officer in Rate Contracts"DGS&D"means Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals"DP'means Delivery Period"ECS"means Electronic clearing system"ED"means Excise DutyEMDmeans Earnest money deposit"EOI"means Expression of Interest (Tendering System)"ERV"means Exchange rate variations"FAS"means Free alongside shipment"FOB"means Freight on Board"FOR"means Free on Rail"GCC"means General Conditions of ContractGITmeans General Instructions to TenderersGSTmeans Goods and Services Tax which will replace Sales Tax"H1, H2 etc"means First Highest, Second Highest Offers etc in Disposal TendersIncotermsmeans International Commercial Terms, 2000 (of ICC)"L1. L2 etc"means First or second Lowest Offer etc."LC"means Letter of Credit"LD or L/D"means Liquidated Damages"LSI"means Large Scale Industry"NIT"means Notice Inviting Tenders."NSIC"means National small industries corporation"PQB"means Pre qualification bidding"PSU"means Public Sector Undertaking"PVC"means Price variation clause"RC"means Rate contract"RR or R/R"means Railway Receipt"SBD" or "T D"means Standard Bid Document / Tender Document"SCC"means Special Conditions of Contract"SIT"means Special Instructions to Tenderers"BRBNMPL"means Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited"SS I"means Small Scale Industry"ST"means Sales Tax"VAT"means Value Added Tax