risk management plan definition

risk management plan. ’ means a risk management plan submitted to the Ad- ministrator by an owner or operator of a stationary source under subparagraph (B)(iii).
risk management plan. ’ means a man- agement plan utilized by a gas or hazardous liquid pipeline facility owner or operator that encompasses risk management; and

Examples of risk management plan in a sentence

  • The next stage is to identify the specific risks for Oberon Council and to document the likelihood and consequences of these risks into a Risk Management Plan.

  • Building commitment within the College to the Risk Management Plan.

  • Finally, it describes key elements of the Authority’s Risk Management Plan.

  • However, under the modern regulatory framework, requirements such as the Risk Management Plan under the CAA, the Emergency Action Plan under OSHA, and as RCRA requirements for TSDFs to detect, contain, and clean up any leaks, including facility-wide corrective action, all help to ensure timely responses to releases.

  • C.14 Risk Management Plan [326 IAC 2-8-4] [40 CFR 68] If a regulated substance as defined in 40 CFR 68 is present at a source in more than a threshold quantity, the source Permittee must comply with the applicable requirements of 40 CFR 68.

More Definitions of risk management plan

risk management plan means a systematic method utilized by a utility to, among other things:
risk management plan means the plan prepared and maintained by SRA specifying the measures to be implemented to manage its material, commercial, legal and administrative risks in accordance with clause 25.4 of this Agreement.
risk management plan and “RMP” mean the Risk Management Plan dated May 11, 1999, for the Mission Bay Area, San Francisco, California, as the same may be amended from time to time (approved on May 12, 1999, by the State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board for the San Francisco Bay Region).
risk management plan means a plan for reducing a risk prepared in accordance with the regulations and the rules;
risk management plan means a long term care plan approved by the secretary and intended to protect human health and the environment at a site where residual contamination is above cleanup standards;
risk management plan. ’ means a management plan uti- lized by a gas or hazardous liquid pipeline facility owner or op- erator that encompasses risk management; øand¿
risk management plan is a detailed description of the risk management system [DIR Art 1(28c)]. “Risk minimisation activity (used synonymously with risk minimisation measure)” is a public health intervention intended to prevent or reduce the probability of the occurrence of an adverse reaction associated with the exposure to a medicine or to reduce its severity should it occur.