RI definition

RI means, for any London Business Day i in the relevant Observation Period, the SONIA rate in respect of such London Business Day plus the Margin;

Examples of RI in a sentence

  • Departemen Agama RI, Intruksi Presiden RI Nomor 1 Tahun 1991 Kompilasi Hukum Islam di Indonesia, (Jakarta: Direktorat Jenderal Pembinaan Kelembagaan Agama Islam, 2000), hlm 86.

  • It proved difficult, if not vexing to meet its benefactor’s conditions, but the RI decided it was able to accept the money and eventually (if not a little dubiously) decided that it could go to support James Dewar’s research into liquefied gases and the attainment of temperatures close of absolute zero.

  • Each issuer’s EDGE server calculated the issuer’s estimated RI payment, while the EDGE Calculation Module (ECM), a CMS internal system, calculated the amount of each issuer’s actual RI payment taking into consideration total available RI contributions.

  • Scope and MethodologyCMS selected Sharp for an audit to assess the issuer’s compliance with the aforementioned federal transitional RI program regulations.

  • The RIDE report contains enrollee-level plan and claim details used for the RI payment calculation and is made available only to issuers through EDGE servers.

More Definitions of RI

RI. (expressed as a decimal) means an interest in production which results from an ownership in the mineral fee estate or royalty estate in the relevant lands and which is free of any obligation for the expense of exploration, development and production, bearing only its pro rata share of severance, production and other similar taxes and, in instances where the document creating the royalty interest so provides, costs associated with compression, dehydration, other treating or processing or transportation of production of oil, gas or other minerals relating to the marketing of such production. Notwithstanding the percentage of Working Interest, Net Revenue Interest, Overriding Royalty Interest or Royalty Interest set forth with respect to a particular oil, gas and mineral lease or well, Grantor intends that this Deed of Trust shall convey or mortgage the entirety of Grantor’s interest in the Subject Leases and the Lands. Any reference herein to xxxxx or well names, prospects or prospect names, if any, shall be for information purposes and shall not limit the description of the interests made subject to this Deed of Trust. Each reference to a lease herein shall be deemed a reference to said lease as said lease may have been heretofore amended and/or ratified, whether or not such amendments and ratifications are referred to herein. EXHIBIT A
RI means Rating and Investment Information, Inc. and any successor to the credit rating business thereof.
RI means, in respect of any day “i”:
RI means the applicable Reference Rate as set out in the definition of “r” above for:
RI means an AI that is a registered institution under the SFO;