FA definition

FA. , followed by a year, means the Finance Act of that year, and “F(No.2)A”, followed by a year, means the Finance (No.2) Act of that year.
FA followed by a stated year means the Finance Act of that year;

Examples of FA in a sentence

  • Upon receiving signed documentation, your FA will submit the form for processing.

  • The Tender Offer Form generated for your account will need to be signed and returned to your FA in good order.

  • Refer to the Mitsubishi Electric FA site for the latest software version of MR Configurator2.

  • Joining F/A is faced with the coarse grains phenomena in the weld and heat affected zone leading to low toughness and ductility due to the absence of phase transformation [3].

  • Keywords: Ferritic Austenitic F/A, CO2 laser beam welding, Notched-tensile strength, Taguchi approach.1. Introduction Laser welding is extremely advantageous in automotive applications due to its high power density, high degree of automation and a high production rate [1].

More Definitions of FA

FA means Finance Act;
FA means the Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association.
FA notification” means a notification published in the Official Gazette and the expression “notify” shall be construed accordingly;
FA means Football Australia;
FA means Grupo FerroAtlántica, S.A.U., a Spanish public limited liability company in the form of a sociedad anónima.