FA definition

FA. , followed by a year, means the Finance Act of that year, and “F(No.2)A”, followed by a year, means the Finance (No.2) Act of that year.
FA followed by a stated year means the Finance Act of that year;

Examples of FA in a sentence

  • The system will reflect activity appli- cable to each sponsored agreement and to each category needed to identify F&A costs and the functions to which they are allo- cable.

  • The position of a Club Officer shall be vacated if such person is subject to a decision of The FA that such person be suspended from holding office or from taking part in any football activity relating to the administration or management of a football club.

  • In those cases where expenditures have previously been al- located to other institutional activities, they may be included in the F&A cost pool.

  • Limited suppression to protect plantations.” The Incident Commander was briefed on the objectives, strategies and tactics, and he signed the FA, as did a district representative and the fire centre manager.

  • The final fire size was 13,087, which is remarkably close to the second FA estimate.

More Definitions of FA

FA means Finance Act;
FA notification” means a notification published in the Official Gazette and the expressionnotify” shall be construed accordingly;
FA means the First Appointment;
FA means Grupo FerroAtlántica, S.A.U., a Spanish public limited liability company in the form of a sociedad anónima.