CI definition

CI means carbon intensity.
CI means Certificate of Interpretation issued by RID.

Examples of CI in a sentence

  • If a substance listed in Appendix 13 also falls within one or more of points (a) to (g) of paragraph 1, the concentration limit laid down in point (h) of paragraph 1 shall apply to that substance.4. By way of derogation, paragraph 1 shall not apply to the following substances until 4 January 2023: (a) Pigment Blue 15:3 (CI 74160, EC No 205-685-1, CAS No 147-14-8);(b) Pigment Green 7 (CI 74260, EC No 215-524-7, CAS No 1328-53-6).5.

  • For DS1 or DS3 circuits, Dedicated Transport shall at a minimum meet the performance, availability, jitter, and delay requirements specified for Customer Interface to Central Office (CI to CO) connections in the applicable industry standards.

  • Indicators: Establishment of data and databanks; number of joint programmes, number of joint publications (IF & CI) and number of partners involved.

  • Hellewell J, Abbott S, Gimma A, Bosse NI, Jarvis CI, Russell TW, et al.

  • Quality of published & joint papers (IF, CI & number of partners as authors).

More Definitions of CI

CI means the assets and the operations of the Company’s commercial, packaging & functional printing solutions and enterprise services.
CI means CI Investments Inc., which has been appointed by Sun Life to perform certain administrative and management services on its behalf in relation to the Funds and the Contract. All references to “CI” mean CI acting on behalf of Sun Life, unless indicated otherwise;
CI services are individualized services provided in typical integrated community settings. Services will promote individualized skill development, independent living and community integration for persons to learn how to actively and independently engage in their local community. Activities will provide opportunities to develop relationships and to learn, practice and apply skills that result in greater independence and community inclusion. These services may be authorized for individuals age 62 and older. These services may be authorized instead of employment support (Individual Employment or Group Supported Employment) for working age individuals who have received nine months of employment support.
CI means all information provided by the University to the Contractor and includes (but is not limited to) any secret or confidential information, information that can, directly or indirectly, identify an individual (personal information), materials, records, memoranda, information derived from data, business or technical information, methodologies, marketing plans, knowledge, data, know- how, or innovations of the University, except that CI does not include any information, methodologies, marketing, plans, knowledge, data, know-how, or innovations which are:
CI means the information provided by Company to Nortel in order for Nortel to engineer and/or provide the components of Systems.
CI means any information, material or data, fixed in any tangible medium expression, in whatever format or form, which is proprietary or confidential in nature, regardless of whether it is identified as proprietary or confidential or not, or that is by its nature or is treated as being confidential or proprietary by the disclosing party and that is furnished by or on behalf of the disclosing party to the receiving party, whether such information is or has been conveyed verbally or in written or other tangible form, and whether such information is acquired directly or indirectly such as in the course of discussions or other investigations by the receiving party, including without limitation, all information pertaining to formularies, technical, financial or business planning, performance, product and contractual information, data, ideas, concepts or know-how that is considered and treated as being confidential by the disclosing party. CI does not include PI.